Pierre Fabre

pierre fabre

First laps on Gran Turismo on Playstation. I then tried most of the racing games out there until I discovered by chance the first driving simulation I really got into: Grand Prix Legends. Unfortunately I had kinda missed the boat there as the likes of Huttu & co were gone to other sims already (NR2003 for example). But I had fallen in love with those brutal beasts and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else before I had tamed them.

I still had the opportunity to cross roads with excellent drivers either in the LFGPL (with Davy Decorps for example 😉 ), either on GPL Rank. After 3-4 memorable years and the feeling of having reached my limits, I parted with simracing until 2016. With the arrival of VR, I jumped back in with Assetto Corsa (having good memories of Netkar Pro). A conclusive experience, excellent simulation, but I could feel the need to compete. AC not being exactly on point for this matter, today I find myself driving iRacing in this super team that is Orion, where I’m pleased to meet again with my best enemy from the GPL era. The challenge is big and I still have a lot to learn, my goal being to participate in the iWCGPS and rub wheels with the best drivers in the world.

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