Matthias Egger

matthias egger

Started to drive with rFactor at the age of 16 then moved to GTR2 and finally approded to iRacing.

First wheel was a Logitech DFP, then i moved to a Logitech G25 that broken up after 6 years and in 2012 i buyed a G27 with a custom wheel built by my friend Massimo Cubeddu.I won of a lot of championship in various Italian leagues like Lisgo and GTR Italia, first with the Porsche Carrera Cup Mod for rFactor and then with GTR2. I drove mainly the Saleen S7 and the Ferrari 575. Finished 2nd with my old Team FGA Corse in the 24h at Nordschleife organized by GTR Italia

Since 2011 I’m driving for the well known Orion Race Team.
With the team I raced for the old PRO Series with the Australian V8. This car was absolutely perfect for my driving style! I won even 4 races and collected a lot of podiums. Only in 2 races I finished out of the podium. Achieved the 2nd place in the championship with an hard fight with Jesse Nieminen!

The first year in the World Champion was characterized by a lot of mistakes and also a lot of unluck. The last race was the sum of that, I’ve made all the necessary to gain the Top10 in the final standing but my engine broke up in the last 3 corners of the final lap! I lost the Top10 for just 3 points.
The second year was absolutely amazing, my driving was much safer and infact I made a perfect champiosnhip for my abilities! I was the second driver with the most finished laps and that was the key for my brilliant 8th place!
The third year I lost a lot of will and I partially retired from the competition only driving here and there!

After a 1 year stop I took part in the BES qualification with my team and we successfully qualified for the official competition

Results in iRacing:

iRacing Pro Series 2010 – 2nd Place

World Championship GP Series 2011 – 11th Place

World Championship GP Series 2012 – 8th Place

World Championship GP Series 2013 – 16th Place

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