Luka Petrinic

Country: Croatia
Year Born: 1988

First racing game I played was demo of Gran Turismo which I got with my Play Station back in 1998. After that I drove all GT series, especially GT4 where I really hooked and with GT5. I got my first wheel (Logitech G27) in 2011 and also I experienced my first online races. After many problems with connection and game servers we decided to try our luck on computer games in 2013. At first I didn’t like the idea as I am a computer noob, but luckily Zoran was more than helpful to me and my will for racing was big, so I got a new computer and TV just for that. At first we started with rFactor, later with rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa which we all played on Race2Play site and servers. After a while in 2015 Zoran made as buy iRacing and here we are today, broke but ready to race!

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