Frosty StClair

I started sim racing in 2004. Since then went on to win several championships and qualified for the first iRacing DWC. Also race R/C Cars and was pro at one time, before retiring 20 years ago. I am back doing both sim and R/C racing recently, and am old and slow now 🙂 But enjoying myself nonetheless. My focus has now shifted to team manager of The Orion Race Team and helping to create a new atmosphere and vision. #orionforward

Manager/Founder – The Orion Race Team

1st Place – Overall iRacing Advanced Solstice Challenge Summer 2008
1st Place – MNRL GTP Team Champions Season 1
1st Place – MNRL GTP Team Champions Season 3
1st Place – MNRL GTP Overall Champion Season 4
1st Place – MNRL GTP Team Champions Season 4
1st Place – CanAm MCF1 Overall Champion Season 2
1st Place – CanAM MCF1 Team Champions Season 2
1st Place – PORRS rFactor Invite
1st Place – Racer Alex Proton Heat Race Winner
1st Place – SSCA 6 hours of Watkins Glen (LMP)
1st Place – SSCA Co-GT Champions Endurance Season 2008 (shared with SFH)
2nd Place – NORRA Cup Road Racing League
2nd Place – MNRL GTP Season 1
2nd Place – CanAm MCF1 Season 1
2nd Place – SSCA Endurance Watkins Glen
2nd Place – The US Pits Bullrun 1000 (2006)
3rd Place – RACER Alex MCF1 Track IR Challenge
3rd Place – SSCA Endurance Daytona RC
4th Place – Overall iRacing Skip Barber Challenge Summer 2008

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