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Dion Vergers

dion vergers

Grew up in Zandvoort. Close to the track and having a dad who loved racing I, strangely enough, got infected by the racing bug as well. As a result I allways used to visit the track a lot and liked playing racing games when I grew up, like Micropose’s F1 and the early Indy 500 sim. But once I found GPL and had a wheel it became more. Being able to drive something in a virtual environment against real opponents was a entire new level for me which I loved from the start.
Started my very first online league race on Spa, Thu May 10 2001 in the dutch GPL league FGPLL. After this I went on to different sims also like papy’s NASCAR series starting at NASCAR 4, RFactor, GTR and now iRacing. Past leagues I’ve done include: GPLWS, Masters of GPL, P-R-O-S, FFRL, FLOG, DWC Oval and DWC Road and luckily with some very nice results. My dream still is to go racing for real one day and I did do a 6 day drivers course on the Zandvoort track which I loved every minute of. Also did some kart racing but that was very low level, did get a few wins and podiums tho.

Past DWC road results: 2010 6th overall, 2011 14th overall, 2012 22nd overall, 2013 18th overall, 2014 23rd overall, 2015 25th overall. DWC Oval 2010 31st overall.

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