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iRacing 2018 World Championship Grand Prix Series, the time is now!

Race on!


Here we are again, at the dawn of the 2018 season of the iRacing iWCGPS.
The off-season has been colourful, with Davy competing in the iRacing’s World’s Fastest Gamer, coming a close (equal points with the winner) 2nd, and then Zoran Jonjic came real close to qualifying for this iWCGPS season.
We haven’t been resting too much, as Ilkka Haapala has been busy building our new website and we have updated our logo (thanks to David Sirois) as well to give it a more dynamic look. Hope you guys like it all!
We’ve made our discord channel public, link is on our frontpage if you fancy a chat or have some questions for us.
And now is the time for World Championship track action! It’s been a challenge to adapt to iRacing‘s last minute changes in the tires and ERS, hopefully we’ve got it figured out, so we’ll see how it goes come action time! While we still have issues with qualifying trim, we’ve got some ideas about it and it should get better as the season advances. It’s a big deal because it hindered us a lot in the past, not being able to use our race pace, being stuck in DRS trains. So we’ll keep focusing on that and look forward to an exciting season.
Special mention to Zoran who besides pushing more and more on track, have also stepped up to doing some management in the team, which helps us a lot. We’ll definitely see him and Pierre Fabre driving the F1 to the next Pro Series and qualify for the World Champ.
This year in the series we’ll have team leader Ilkka Haapala, always keen to show his nose near the top, alongside seasonned vets Davy Decorps who we’ve seen can indeed step up his game, Dion Vergers, always working out setup details with Ilkka, and João Vaz, who choose to go a different direction with setup for this first round; we’ll see how it pans out!
Pre season have been a busy time for all of us and we’re looking forward to a smooth championship start, followed by steady progres and strong results.
Can’t wait for the season to finally start! We’ll be there with the continuous support from our main sponsor HPP Simulation, using our Joel Real Timing app, and Ilkka will of course be sporting the Jimm’s PC-Store Oy colors.
Follow us on Twitter/Facebook to get notified wghen the stream starts, and more! See you soon
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