iRacing 12 hours of Sebring 2018: our race

Qualifying P8 in the iRacing 12 hours of Sebring in the GTE class and having picked the car at the last minute, we weren’t sure what to expect from the race. Seeing how some of the big endurance races unfolded in the past with disconnections and/or mass incidents, we weren’t expecting too much.
But we were confident in our lineup (as Ilkka puts it, Our youth lineup in action!), and knew that if there was an opportunity for a good result, we’d take it.

Fulvio qualified the car and started the race. Solid couple of stints although we still made some mistakes in the pits costing us a total of about 30 and then later another 20 seconds. It was going to be a long race though and we kept our head down. Fulvio was probably the quickest and had built a quick setup that made us confident about the race.
Matthias took the wheel next, steady pace, kept the car clean (you could see him racing on twitch and then handed the car to Zoran.
For those who watched him race (, it was a pretty outstanding stint, with laptimes often in the top 3.
Pierre took the wheel next. Maybe you don’t all know who he is. Pierre Fabre is a GPL legend, and recently came back to simracing through iRacing and obviously joined the best team out there to do so! Anyhow, besides having hardware issues which slowed him down substancially, he was still fast, making strong moves to get the car ahead at the end of his two stints.
As we came closer to the end, Matt took the wheel back for another couple of mistake-free stints, as the pressure started to build up with fuel calculation, pit strategy and all that.
When Zoran took the car for the last time it was clear we had a shot at P5 but we had to keep it clean, and keep our pace.

And we did it, from P8 to P5, clean 12 hours of racing ! So thanks to iRacing for the opportunity, RaceSpot for the (albeit short) broadcast, and to all the drivers that kept it clean.(Sandman wasn’t so lucky in the DP class).
Congratulations to Pure Racing Team GTE Blue as well for an outstanding pace and a well deserved victory.

Thanks again to our main sponsor HPP Simulation as well as Joel Real Timing for helping us achieve our goals. We’ll definitely keep pushing to get at least a podium and look forward to the next big events !

Credits to Matthias Egger for the pictures and David Sirois for the car paint.

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