Davids in The Sly Racing Challenge

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The Sly Racing Challenge is on its way and our drivers David Sirois and David Michaud are ready for the fight despite the fact that they have had some problems adapting to the HPP-Orion BMW Z4.

The first race at Imola didn’t go as expected for both of our drivers. “Nothing went well for me…” sand Sirois after the race. “I had a bad qualification, a bad start, some FPS problems and a big tire wear at the front” he said after his 4th place finish. Michaud had a promising 2nd at the starting grid, but he had a contact in the first corner making the car undriveable. “I had no grip and no top speed. I’m happy to finish 6th tho.” he said.

After this disappointing result, they went to Zolder and worked together with Fulvio Barozzini to try to understand the car. It worked much better this time. Michaud qualified 3rd and finished 2nd after a brilliant tire management. Sirois qualified 2nd, had a good start, but had to slow down near the end because of front tire wear, again. “I’m very happy with the team progress.” he said. “Michaud did a good job. My driving was not at its best but I did no mistake so I’m happy with 3rd place finish. It is clear that I have a big problem with front tire wear, I have to solve this before the next race!” he concluded.

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