Mitchell deJong iRacing

United States
Year Born:
Joining Orion in january 2014, Mitchell already has extensive real racing experience and success. His simracing training and career is on its way to flourish all the same thanks to his dedication and determination.

"Hi, my name is Mitchell DeJong, I’m 15 years old and have been racing since I was 5 years old. I started racing go-karts and still drive go-karts to keep my skills sharp. For the past 4 years I have transitioned into off-road trucks and recently, Legends cars. My goal is to become a race champion like my heroes, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Travis Pastrana and of course my Dad, Vince DeJong. Once I’m at the highest level, I can use my talents to hold celebrity events to offer rides to kids who have illnesses, giving them a chance to experience something exciting and special.

When I’m not racing and my schoolwork is done you can find me spending time with my dad prepping my race vehicles, or building and racing TRAXXAS R/C cars. I’m an 8th grade student in Temecula, CA and have maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout my education. I spend a lot of time at my parents business, DeJong Off Road Mfg., where they design and manufacture some of the coolest off road vehicles and develop components for the race, medical and aerospace industries in the machine shop."

Real racing accomplishments:

9 Championships in 6 years
-2007 Apex Open Karting Championship
-2007 CORR Trophy Kart Championship
-2008 LEMX Championship
-2008 BITD Primm Desert Championship
-2009 Traxxas TORC Championship
-2009 Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series – 5th
-2010 Lucas Oil Off Road Championship
-2011 Lucas Oil Off Road Championship
-2011 Arizona Short Course Championship
-2012 TORC Pro-Buggy Championship
-2012 TORC Pro-Buggy Rookie of the Year

Simracing accomplishments:
-1st place:Season 4 Grand Am Sports car Series MC Div 1
-1st place: Season 1 Daytona 2.4 top split races 1, 2 and 3

  Roland Ehnström iRacing

Year Born:
Roland started racing sims in the early 90's, driving Papyrus' Indianapolis 500 on an Amiga, using the mouse to steer! He then went the long route of F1 GP (keys), Indycar Racing 2 (joystick), GP2 (first steering wheel, first internet league joined), Grand Prix Legends (first online race), NASCAR 4, 2002 & 2003, F1 2002, GTR, GT Legends, rFactor, GTR2, Race 07, GTR Evolution and now iRacing since July 2010. He also built some tracks for GP2 (several IndyCar road courses) and Grand Prix Legends (Le Mans Sarthe & Bugatti).

strong>Career Accomplishments

Grand Prix Legends
Runner up, GPL Champions League, 2000
Multiple race winner, Masters of GPL, 2000-2002
3rd place, European GPL LAN Amsterdam, 2001
5-time Swedish LAN Champion, 2002-2004

NASCAR 4, 2002 & 2003
4-time Champion, European Racing League, 2001-2003
3rd overall, ESCORS European Cup, 2001
Runner up, FFRL Cup, 2002
Champion, FFRL Trans-Am, 2004

GTR, GT Legends, GTR2, Race 07 & GTR Evolution
13-time Swedish Champion, Swedish Sim Racers, 2005-2009
6-time Swedish LAN Champion, 2005-2009
Champion, Comet Racing League, 2005
Champion, Sim-Challenge, 2006
Runner up, Sim-Challenge, 2007
Champion, Virtual Grand Prix, 2007 (first prize = 10,000 Euros)
Runner up, Sim-Challenge, 2008
Champion, V-WTCC, 2008 (first prize = Chevrolet HHR)
Runner up, Simracing Team Challenge, 2009
Champion, Race Department Touring Car Championship, 2010
Champion, Simracing Team Challenge, 2010

Champion, V8 Supercar, 2010 Season 3
Champion, Skip Barber, 2010 Season 3
Champion, Skip Barber, 2010 Season 4
Runner up, Star Mazda, 2010 Season 4

  Kenneth O'Keefe iRacing

Year Born:
Kenneth was born on December 23, 1994. He began sim racing in 2006 on Live For Speed. With the launch of iRacing, Kenneth switched his focus in 2008.
When not sim racing, Kenneth contests in national kart racing across Canada where he has won several championships in the Mosport International Karting Association.

  Mike Taylor iRacing

Driver/Public Relations
United States
Year Born:

Mike got bit by the racing bug when his Dad started racing in SCCA while he was in jr. high school. After college, as soon as he was able to scrape together enough money he went racing too. He ran SCCA national club races for 15 years. He won several class regional and divisional championships and earned 5 invitations to the national runoffs, then held at Road Atlanta. After retiring due to lack of time and money he got involved in R/C racing.

He discovered sim racing in 1998 when he saw an ad in Car and Driver magazine for GPL. Mike went out and bought the game, a video card to run it and a thrustmaster T2 wheel the next day. Now, nearly eight years, several wheels and untold computer ugrades later he's still hooked.

Mike started racing online in 1999 on VROC and was a founding member of the VROC F2 club which still races every Saturday morning. He raced in other GPL leagues including Eric Cote's GPLites, Peter Jensen's F2 League, SNRL and FATSO. He bought and tried the entire series of Papyrus Nascar titles but he's a roadie and never got the hang opf oval racing. When N2K3 came out he started road racing cup and then TA cars with SRRS and then MNRL's GTP league. Now hooked on rFactor running occasionally with SRRS again in the Advanced Trainers and with FLOG in the Megane series and now FIA GTs.

Mike is married with two grown kids and three Australian Shepherd dogs. His other interests include camping, fishing, golf and watching all/any kind of motorsport.

  Fredrik Tackman iRacing

Year Born:

Fredrik Tackman, married to Åsa Tackman and father to Emil and Olle Tackman. Runs a 7 eleven type store at the bus station in Östersund, Sweden.

Started simracing with GP2 in 1997, moved on to EA:s F1 titles before running Nascar 4 and 2003 for about a year or so. Discovered Sim-Challenge on the net and drove ETCC, GTR and GTR2 there with some success at times. Moved along to SSR (Swedish Sim Racers) and later to the STC (Simracing Team Challenge) league with DMSv (Danielsson Motorsport Virtual). Have lately gone to iRacing and been driving the Skip Barber and Trucks.

My only championship was in NAR (NoAidsRacing - yeah that's a hell of a name, which I tried to get changed...hehe) in 2003.

  Szabolcs Balog Inactive

Year Born:
Known mainly in GPL and the GPL World Cup racing for Hungary, Szabi has one of the best rankings in GPL today. Nowadays he's racing in iRacing and rFactor with open wheeler cars, but had a great Le Mans race with the GTP Mod of Papy's Nascar Racing Season 2003.
Szabi has been playing sims hard since 2005 when he started to play GPL. After 1 year practice he started at the Hungarian GPL Masters League and he won the Championship title at his first season! He raced 4 seasons at the league having great races and fun!



HGPLM's 13th season's Champion
HGPLM's 14th season's 2nd pos.
HGPLM's 15th season's 2nd pos.
HGPLM's 16th season's 3rd pos.
Many poles, fastest laps and wins at the European Online Challenge's Pro Cup Series
GPL World Cup Finalist with Hungary
GPL World Cup 4th Position with Hungary


rFactorCentral's 1995 CART Mod World Championship 3rd pos.

Nascar Racing Season 2003

GTP 2009 24hrs of Le Mans Champion/Pole setter


2009 - Season 3 - Classic Lotus Grand Prix Series - 2nd Pos. (overall)
2009 - Season 3 - Classic Lotus Grand Prix Series - Champion (3rd Division)

  Peter Read Inactive

Year Born:
Born in 1994. He started full time sim-racing with iRacing. He Is part of the Orion Race Team family, and has won the 2009 Vader Endurance Lemans 24 hours with NASCAR 2003, and came 2nd in the Bullrun 1000 for 2009. Championship Winner of the iRacing Riley Daytona Prototype Series in 2009 Season 2. Also the youngest ever iRacing championship winner of 15 years and 3 months. Also has a NASCAR Rank of -73.103

  Markus Aberg Inactive

Markus has been around sim racing for quite some time. Back to the days of GP2, but iRacing is his first serious effort and it has been nothing short of an impressive one. He has shown pace capable of racing with all the world's top road racers, and it doesn't seem to matter which car he is in. Look for Markus at the top of a time sheet near you!

- 2008 Season 3 Legends Road Racing Cup Championship - 1st Overall
- 2008 Season 3 Legends Road Racing Cup Time Trial - 1st Overall

  Leandro Schmidt Inactive

Year Born:

Leandro started sim racing in 1997 with IndyCar 2, and competed in his first internet league - the Indy Extended Circuit - the following year, placing 2nd in the championship and winning the Road Cup. After that, he's been successful in every sim he tried, winning many races and championships in GPL, NASCAR 4/2002/2003 and rFactor. He also impressed in real racing when had a chance to do it, taking the pole and winning the first race of the Trofeo Maserati Brasil 2004 with almost no experience.

IndyCar 2:
2nd place - Indy Extended Circuit (1998)
1st place - Indy Extended Circuit Road Cup (1998)

1st place GPLBR F1(1999, 2000, 2001, Spec 2001, 2002, S2 2003, Summer Championship 2004, S1 2004, S2 2004, S1 2005)
1st place GPLBR FD (2001, 2003, S1 2004)

NASCAR 4/2002/2003:
1st place LBN Extreme Series (2001, S1 2002, S2 2004, S1 2005, S1 2006, S2 2007, S1 2008)
1st place LBN Road Series PTA
1st place LBN Road Series GTP
1st place 24 Hours of Le Mans - Team Black Squirrel (2004)

1st place rFactor Brasil F-3W (T1 2006)

Real Racing:
Pole position and 1st place Trofeo Maserati Brasil - race 1 at Curitiba (2004)
4th place Trofeo Maserati Brasil - race 2 at Interlagos (2004)

  Bruno Marques Inactive

Year Born:

  Chris Gennarelli Inactive

United States
Year Born:
Chris started simracing with GPL in 1999. He spent many years racing in VROC. Chris got his first taste of online league racing in the first season of GPLemans. When NASCAR 2003 came out Chris got involved with more online racing. Chris now is enjoying iRacing. When not racing online, Chris spends most of time with his wife and 2 kids. He also loves photography, sailboat racing and watching any form of motorsports.

1st iRacing Prototype Challenge (Div. 5) 2010 season 1
2nd iRacing 2010 Rolex 2.4 (Div. 9)
2nd iRacing Radical Racing Challenge (Div. 6) 2009 season 1
1st GT Sim Racing NAGT Series 2008
2nd MNRL TRCS Season 3 2008
1st MNRL TRCS Season 3 Team Championship 2008
1st SSCA 12hr @ Daytona GT Class 2008
3rd SSCA 8hr @ the Ring GT Class 2008
5th Flog Sprint Series GT Class 2007
8th Flog Magenes League 2006
1st Simcar 2006-3 NORAM Team Championship
2nd Simcar 2006-3 NORAM
3rd MNRL GTP2 2005 Team Championship
Top 10 MNRL GTP2 2005
2nd BRSC TPTCC  2004
1st BRSC Season 1 2004
2nd GPLemans Season 1 2000

  Brian McDaniel Inactive

United States
Year Born:
Brian started sim racing in 2006 with Live for Speed. He competed in the League of the Americas, Masters of Endurance, and the International Grand Touring Car Championship. Since May of 2008, he has been racing iRacing exclusively.

1st Place - iRacing 2009 Season 2 Radical Time Trial Championship
1st Place - iRacing 2009 Season 1 Radical Race Championship

4th Place - iRacing 2008 Season 4 Radical Race Championship

  Claudio Rondeico Inactive

Year Born:
Born in São Caetano do Sul, SP, Brazil.
Started to race online in 2004 with Papyrus' Nascar Racing 2003 Season then retired in 2008 to join iRacing's beta testing.


Daytona Prototype Challenge
Season 1 - 2009
1st place

Nascar Racing 2003 Season
1st place: Farewell 500 at Indy

1st place: IROC
2nd place: Nordschleife challenge

1st place: Brazilian league CUP
1st place: Brazilian league CTS
1st place: IROC
1st place: European league Pennsylvania 300 race

1st place: Brazilian league Light Series CUP
1st place: Brazilian league CTS

1st place: Brazilian league ASA Series
2nd place: Brazilian league CTS Series

  Frosty St.Clair Inactive

Team Manager
United States
Frosty started sim racing in 2004. Since then he has gone on to win several championships. He also races R/C Cars and is sponsored by several factories.

1st Place - Overall iRacing Advanced Solstice Challenge Summer 2008
1st Place - MNRL GTP Team Champions Season 1
1st Place - MNRL GTP Team Champions Season 3
1st Place - MNRL GTP Overall Champion Season 4
1st Place - MNRL GTP Team Champions Season 4
1st Place - CanAm MCF1 Overall Champion Season 2
1st Place - CanAM MCF1 Team Champions Season 2
1st Place - PORRS rFactor Invite
1st Place - Racer Alex Proton Heat Race Winner
1st Place - SSCA 6 hours of Watkins Glen (LMP)
1st Place - SSCA Co-GT Champions Endurance Season 2008 (shared with SFH)
2nd Place - NORRA Cup Road Racing League
2nd Place - MNRL GTP Season 1
2nd Place - CanAm MCF1 Season 1
2nd Place - SSCA Endurance Watkins Glen
2nd Place - The US Pits Bullrun 1000 (2006)
3rd Place - RACER Alex MCF1 Track IR Challenge
3rd Place - SSCA Endurance Daytona RC
4th Place - Overall iRacing Skip Barber Challenge Summer 2008

  Ray Pulido Inactive

United States
Year Born:
About: Ray started racing with Indy 500 back in the early 90's. Ray started racing competitively online in 2005, winning his first ever online league, NORRA. Since Ray has gone on to be always one of the quickest drivers on the track in any league he has raced in.

NORRA Champion 2006
MNLR TCRS Megane Champion 2007
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