Ilkka Haapala iRacing - DWC

Driver, Management
Year Born:
I was first introduced to simracing around 1994 by Formula One Grand Prix. Went through Grand Prix 2 and Grand Prix 3 until I found a whole new world with online racing in early 2000 with Ubisoft's F1 sims. With rFactor the online racing got a lot better, but when I joined iRacing in 2008, the leap was even bigger and I've never looked back. I've been racing in the World Championship Series from the beginning in 2010.

iRacing World Championship Results:
2010: 3rd
2011: 8th
2012: 11th
2013: 12th
2014: 8th
2015: 19th

WCS Race starts: 96

  Dion Vergers iRacing - DWC

Year Born:
Dion started with NASCAR 4 with just 3 races to go in the Dutch NASCAR championship to try it out. Allthough he had pole in his first ever NASCAR race the results weren't very good. But it wasn’t long after that before Dion showed what real talent he had as a sim racer. Dion went on to dominate and win many championships and was known as a true alien in Papy sims. Respected and liked throughout the community, Dion is always impressive.

4th Place - F1 1979 Mod - FLOG 79 -€™ Series

2 times Dutch GPL Champion
1 time Dutch GPLGP 100% Champion
1 time Dutch GPL65 Champion
3rd in GPLWS Season #5

Nascar Racing Season 2003:

2 times Dutch NASCAR Champion
1 time Dutch TA Champion
1 time DSZ "End of Days" TA Champion
1 time Dutch NASCAR Vice-Champion
1 time FFRL Vice-Champion Season 5 2004

  João Vaz iRacing - DWC

Year Born:
Profession: Economist; MBA;
Line of work: I'm a shopping center head manager;
Hobbies: Musician; Golf and of course SIM RACINGah!!!

Accomplishments while sim-racer (the most important ones so far):

·         VRW (by Nim Cross) Cup champion 2002;

·         iRacing 2010 Season 1 IndyCar Series Champion;

I'm deeply honored to be driving for the best sim-racing team in world and my goal is to bring it a lot victories.  I am astonished by the level of drivers that we have and I predict a very bright future for our team and I will do my absolute best to honor our name.

  Davy Decorps iRacing - DWC

Year Born:
Davy is part of his first iRacing DWC this year Davy is well known throughout Europe as one of the fastest drivers around. He has raced GPL, N2003, NKPro and now rFactor. Qualified for iRacing's 2013 DWC

  Riley Preston iRacing - DWC

Year Born:
After spending a couple of years racing in leagues in the Codemasters F1 games, Riley got his first taste of a true simulation in iRacing at the beginning of 2014.
After dabbling in many different series, he achieved his pro license in season 1 of 2015 and is now looking forward to racing in the 2016 iRacing World Championship Series.

  Marin Čolak iRacing - DWC

Year Born:

  Zoran Jonjic iRacing - Pro

Year Born:

  David Sirois iRacing/Rfactor

Year Born:
David has always been a road racing fan. He has always played racing games on his computer. From Test Drive on C64 back in the 80s to Indy 500 The Simulator from Papyrus, then with Grand Prix Legend at the end of the 90s. Meanwhile, he did Karting competition from 1996 to 2002 in real life. His first online season was back in 2001. Since then, he has participated to many online leagues, most of them on road tracks.

Karting accomplishments
1996 3rd - Montreal Cup (4-stroke)
1996 9th - Quebec Cup (4-stroke)
1997 Champion - Montreal Cup (4-stroke)
1997 Champion - Eastern Cup (4-stroke)
1997 Champion - Quebec Cup (4-stroke)
1998 5th - Montreal Cup (F125)
1998 13th - Quebec Cup (F125)
1999 7th - Montreal Cup (F125)
2000 Champion - Montreal Cup (Rotax)
2000 Champion - National Championsip (Rotax)
2000 World Championship participant at Puertorico (Rotax)
2001 Champion - Montreal Cup (Rotax)
2001 3rd - National Championsip (Rotax)
2001 World Championship participant at Malaysia (Rotax)
2002 3rd - Montreal Cup (Rotax)
2002 3rd - Quebec Cup (Rotax)

81 races
43 podiums
22 wins
18 pole positions
1 national title
1 provincial title
4 regionals titles
2 world championship participantions

Online accomplishments
2001 2nd place - QGPL
2002 Champion - QGPL
2003 Champion - QGPL
2004 Champion - SSCA TransAm
2004 Bullrun 1000 winner (with Patrick Veillette)
2005 Champion - SSCA GTP 2005 2nd - MNRL GTP
2006 Champion - SimFia DTM 2006 2nd at the Bullrun 1000 (with Frosty St-Clair)
2006 Champion - FLOG Megane Championship
2007 Champion - FLOG GT Series 2007 Champion - FLOG Sprint Series
2007 2nd place - MNRL Porsche Carrera Cup
2008 Champion - QGPL

  James Allard iRacing

United States

  Jeffrey Rietveld iRacing

Year Born:
Results & Achievements:

-2009 Season 4 IndyCar Series A Overall Race Championship, 2nd Place

-2010 Season 1 Skip Barber Race Series Overall Race Championship, 2nd Place

-2010 Season 1 Radical Racing Challenge C Overall Race Championship, 1st Place

-2010 Season 2 Pro license gained

-2010 Season 4 Pro/WC license gained

  George Sandman iRacing

United States
Year Born:
Started Sim Racing in 1996 Using ICR2 at age 36 Retired from GPL and Sim Racing in 2000 at age 40 Did some random running GTR 2 and NetKar around 2006 and got interested again .
Picked back up running Rfactor at RACER and Race2Play in 2006. Joined iRacing in June of 2008
Currently in my mid 50’s I have having more fun Sim Racing now than at any time in the past. I have seen Racing Sims change so much over the years and having them progress the way they have is so nice to see. It’s not happening as fast as someone my age would like but I think we will actually see some good Endurance racing with driver swaps soon in iRacing. It was fun to experiment with 24 hour racing at Elkhart Lake back in 1997 using ICR2 where you would run your session, save your file and transfer to the next driver. He would then do the same. That was fun at that time but not quite like in can be now. I can’t wait!

1996 CICC ICR2 Series Champion
1996 NWSICT ICR2 Series Champion
1996 FRL ICR2 Series Champion
1997 CICC ICR2 Series Champion
1997 WIERS ICR2 Series Champion
1998 GPL World Series Pre-Season Champion
1999 GPL REAR MC Series Champion (Original MOG)
2000- 2006 Retired (went and got my Private Pilot’s license and enjoy flying around as a hobby)
2006 RACER International Sweepstakes Champion
2007 RACER International Sweepstakes Champion
2007 RacerAlex Cup Champion
2007 R Faction ChampCar Season 6 Series Champion
2008 Scuderia Internazionale ChampCar Season 7 Series Champion
2008 Champcar Season 8 Series Champion
2008 S4 3rd Place Star Mazda Championship
2009 S3 3rd Place iRacing Prototype Challenge Championship
2011 S3 5th Place iRacing Prototype Challenge Championship
2012 S3 2nd Place Grand Am Sports Car Series Overall Race
2012 S4 Grand Am Sports Car Series Overall Champion
2013 S1 Grand Am Sports Car Series Overall Champion
2013 NEO Spider 250 1st Place Overall

Current Sim Racing Equipment

Obutto Ozone Chassis with Fast-Track Sims Triple Monitor Mount
3 27” 144Hz Asus VG278HE Monitors
Intel 5930k @4.2GHz 16GB
EVGA GTX 780ti
Accuforce Pro Wheel
HPP PHT GT Style 3 Pedal set mounted to Obutto Chassis
Z1 Sim Wheel LCD
DSD Track Boss button box

  Matthias Egger iRacing

Year Born:
Matthias Egger was born in Verona, but for the past 10 years currently resides in Bolzano, Italy. He is a student of mechanical engineering and loves cars, motorbikes and photography.

His simulated racing career started with Nascar Racing 4, but in an unusual way. He drove only at Sears Point and Watkins Glen because he did not care for ovals. Matthias also did a little with Grand Prix Legends and then things became serious with rFactor and GTR2. In Lisgo (a popular Italian League) he won the 2008-2009 GT1 Championship with GTR2. After winning a lot of races with rFactor and GTR2 also in GTRitalia League, he started to participate in iRacing. He raced a lot in single weekend races, collecting a lot of victories. He placed 5th in the 2009 Season 2 with the Riley Prototype and is currently fighting for the podium in the PRO Series with the V8 Supercar.

  Jaroslav Honzik iRacing

Czech Republic
Year Born:
Real racing: 2002-2006 Renault Clio cup, Endurance racing series in Czech Republic, Ford Fiesta cup champion 2006 - BMW 130i Challenge champion 2007 - financial crissis and testing 2008-20xx Looking for sponsorship for FIA GT3 or new life anywhere else Virtual racing: If i would count only Simulations with capital S - Since about 2003 year i guess. Started with LFS, then rFactor and since end of 2009 iRacing. Got many czech championship titles and some european titles in rfactor championships like DTM, Octavia cup, Bmw challenge, V8 supercars, FIA GT,... I was 5th or 6th in M3 challenge few years ago. In love with iRacing since 2009:) My best iRacing results I remember are victory in 2.4h Daytona (2010 i guess). Petit Le Mans winner C6R (2010?) 3rd Place in DWC Race in Philip Island 2010 Champion in Radical Series 2011 and some TOP5 championship finishes.

  Norbi Kiss iRacing

Year Born:

  Chris Sommerfeld iRacing

Chris started sim racing in 2003 with F1-2002 and the GTR2002 mod, then later F1C. With limited online racing happening, Chris worked more on physics, and tested offline.

In 2007, Chris got back into online racing with rFactor. Stumbling upon an MNRL practice server, Chris joined his first true league, which contained a full roster of Orion Race Team drivers. This lead to a friendship between many Orion drivers on IRC, and that lead to Orion giving Chris the opportunity to race with the team in the SSCA Endurance league.


GoF1 F12k2 season 1 -  Champion (8 wins)

GoF1 F1C season 2 -  Champion (13 wins)

F1-Career Sim PCC07 - 3rd (2 wins)

MNRL ProtoProd - Champion (13 wins)
MNRL TRCS BMW320 - Champion (11 wins)
MNRL TRCS BMW320 Teams - 3rd (with Ron Beaty)
SSCA Endurance League (GT Class)
   - 3rd place 8hr Nurburgring (F. St Clair, J. Dill, C. Gennarelli)
   - 1st place 12 hr Daytona (F. St Clair, J. Dill, D. Decorps, C. Gennarelli)
   - 1st place 8 hr Sebring (F. St Clair, M. Dubois)
MNRL GP79 - 5th (5 races, 4 wins)
Bullrun 1000 - 4th (Shawn Purdy)
MNRL TRCS GT Challenge - 2nd (4 wins)

MNRL TRCS NAGT - Champion (4 wins)
MNRL MIRL Cart 95 - 2nd (5 wins)
MNRL TWOD ORR2 Trucks - 3rd (1 win)
MNRL MIRL Cart 95 season 2 - 2nd (1 win)
MNRL TRCS NAGT season 2 - 11th (4 races, 3 wins)
Simdy 500 - Qualified 4th/DNF
Bullrun 1000 - 2nd (Frosty St Clair, Peter Read)

Solstice Season 3B - 2nd Time Trial

MNRL MIRL Cart Factor

iRacing Skip Barber

  Shawn Purdy

Web Design
Year Born:
Currently not simracing, Shawn does all the work behind our website. He may get back to simracing at some point. Shawn started racing at the age of 5 with go-karts. He never had the money to get seriously into racing and when Grand Prix 2 came out in 1995 he started the beginning of his sim racing career. He raced offline for many years, from GP2, Nascar 2, Nascar 1999, Nascar 3, NR2002,NR2003,GTR To finally now in Rfactor.

1st Place - 24 Hours of Lemans - Team Black Squirrel
1st Place - Champion TVR-Trans-Am
3rd Place - Overall WORRL Trans-Am

Full Seasons
1st Place - 2008 MNRL TRCS Season 4 Champion
1st Place - 2007/08 MNRL TRCS Season 2 Champion
1st Place - 2007 FIA-GT CanAm Season 1 Champion
1st Place - 2007 FIA-GT CanAm Season 2 Champion
1st Place - 2007 PC Racers CST Protons Champion
2nd Place - 2007 Flog Sprint Series Season
3rd Place - 2007 Flog FIA-GT Season

Endurance Races/Special Events
1st Place - 2007 CanAm Road Course AllStar Season 1
1st Place - 2007 CanAm Road Course AllStar Season 2
1st Place - 2007 CanAm Road Course AllStar Season 3
1st Place - 2007 SSCA 6 hours of Watkins Glen (LMP)
2nd Place - 2007 SSCA 12 Hours of Daytona RC (LMP)

Part-Time Finished Seasons
12th Place - Toyota Atlantic CanAm Season 1(5 Starts)
15th Place - 2007 FIA-GT CanAm Season 3 (2 Starts)
23rd Place - Toyota Atlantic CanAm Season 2 (1 Start)

iRacing Seasons
1st Place - 2009-S3 Riley DP Overall Points Champion
1st Place - 2009-S2 Radical SR8 Points Champion
1st Place - 2009-S1 Riley DP Overall Time Trial Champion
2nd Place - 2009-S1 Radical SR8 Overall Points
2nd Place - 2008-S4 Radical SR8 Time Trail Overall (tie for 2nd)
3rd Place - 2009-S2 Riley DP Overall Points
3rd Place - 2009 Pro Series
1st Place - 2009-S3 Riley DP Division 1 Points Champion
1st Place - 2009-S2 Radical SR8 Division 1 Points Champion
1st Place - 2009-S2 Riley DP Divison 2 Points Champion
1st Place - 2009-S1 Radical SR8 Division 3 Points Champion
1st Place - 2008-S4 Radical SR8 Time Trail Division 2 Champion

Part-Time/Current Seasons
Currently Running in iRacing
Running in 2010 Drivers World Championship

  Julien Dill

Team manager, Media, Graphic design
Year Born:
Off of simracing for over 4 years, Julien currently manages the team and helps with media and graphic design. He may get back to simracing at some point.

1st Place - 2006 F1 1979 FFSCA Demo League
3rd place - 2006 F1 1979 RACER Alex Silverstone Challenge
5th Place - 2006 F1 1979 Demo League
1st Place -€“ 2007 F1 1979 FFSCA Championship

Endurance League (GT Class) - 2008
- 3rd place 8hr Nurburgring (F. St Clair, C.Sommerfeld, C. Gennarelli)
- 1st place 12 hr Daytona (F. St Clair, C.Sommerfeld, D. Decorps, C. Gennarelli)
Retired/Inactive Drivers

Recent Setups




Race and Qualifying setups I used during the iDWCR


A Host of setups made during the 2010 Drivers Worl


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