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Julien Dill On February 22, 2016
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Here we are, for the 6th year in a row, ready to attack the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series season!
As a matter of fact, we will be celebrating Dion's 100th race start in the series in 2 races, as well as Ilkka's in 4, since they respectively have 98 and 96 series start to their records. Only one man equals this record, non other than the Champ himself Greger Huttu. Joining them will be the experienced Davy Decorps and João Vaz, as well as our new recruits Riley Preston and Marin Čolak whom you have seen perform really well in the Pro Series, with Riley winning the season finale at the Nürburgring.

New car, new livery!

This season will see a change of car as well, since we'll be racing the 2015 McLaren MP4-30. In 6 years that's only the second time we get a new car; we started with the Dallara Indycar and then switched to the Williams FW31 for the last several years. This might change the order a bit, or not. We will see next saturday at Interlagos!

Anyhow we are proud to finally show you our new livery, and wish you'll enjoy seeing it on track as much as we do!

iWCGPS team preparation, with Matthias (now in the BES WC) having a go as well

The team:
Let's talk a bit about our new recruits first.

Riley Preston

Besides being relatively new to simracing, Riley has been nothing short of impressive in the Pro Series, with great natural speed and a distinctive assertive style. We're glad to have him onboard and look forward to  improve together over the season, and the nexts!

Marin Čolak

This is news! With a real racing background and a lot of simracing experience, Marin has decided to join us to tackle this first iWCGPS season. We hope to equally learn from him as well as help him to get up the ranks in the series. Welcome Marin! 
As a side note, we're both sad and happy to say he'll miss the first couple of race this season; it coincides with him becoming a father for the second time. Congratulations to the family and we're confident he'll be back with some extra motivation!

Ilkka Haapala

Ilkka has been the leading force of Orion for so many years it's amazing to see him with the same motivation and enthusiasm as ever, leading the charge with his timeless style and natural speed. We're looking forward to have him improve on last year and be right in the mix!
Shoutout to his sponsor Jimm's as well, the finnish computer store,  who are providing him support again this season! Löydät heidät täältä:

Dion Vergers

As mentionned above, Dion is closing in on his 100th series start! With that much experience it's not a surprise to see him perform with such consistency. The new car and reduced aero might suit his driving style better as well, and after a long winter break, we're eager to see him go back at it! 

João Vaz

João, the pure, the oldschool and classy simracer! We're delighted to have him with us again for this new season, after he had to go through the Pro Series (which included some 1st place and podium finishes).

Davy Decorps

The frenchman of the lineup, 'crocket' has his hands full at the moment, testing the new HPP PRX-SE (see HERE) pedal set and getting accustomed to the car. Like João he went through the Pro Series with success and finally put the old Williams fw31 to rest!

Saturday can't come soon enough, we're excited to be there! We're proud and grateful to have HPP Simulation support again this year. They keep improving their game on all levels, and if you haven't heard of them we urge you to give them a visit at

You wouldn't be reading this article if it wasn't for Shawn Purdy either and his company Purdy Designs, who's been supporting us since the beginning with his website solutions. If you need anything like it and more, go to

We wish everyone a good season, the teams, the drivers, and all the viewers who will be watching the RaceSpot TV broadcasts, possibly on iRacing Live. Now let's get started!

As usual you can follow our progress on twitter @orionraceteam as well as on Facebook, which we update regularly!

See you on Saturday!



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