iRacing iGPS and World Sports Car Series champs!

Julien Dill On May 5, 2014
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That's right, we clinched both championships this season!

Sandman's Season recap: iRacing World Sports Car Series
It all came together nicely for the Riley DP master George Sandman, who became the 2014 season 1 champion. He made it look easy but let's not get fooled here; it was a true performance. Here's how it was in the champ's own words:

"First of all I want to congratulate all the drivers that ran with us this season in the World Sports Car Series. There was some real good competition and a lot of great drivers. I did manage to get thru the season with only 5 incidents. 3 were at SPA, one at Road Atlanta, and one at Sebring. It’s tough to try and keep the incs low in Multi Class Racing.
I am very surprised to have won Season 1.
It started as a throw away season for me mainly since we didn’t get the tire update. I used Season 4 2013 setups with no changes and just put in some seat time in each to get back up to speed. I missed 2 of the early races and around mid-season I started racing only on Saturdays and would be missing out on the normally higher SOF races on Sundays.
As we came into the drop weeks I realized that I would have a lead and missing the bigger SOF splits on Sundays wouldn’t be such a big deal as some drivers were coming over to the Saturday races and our races started to split. All I had to do was make sure I got some decent points and not crash out and I had a strong chance of winning. It worked out real nice as I got to spend some time on Sundays with the family and not be racing Sims both Sat and Sunday, and still win the Overall championship.
One Sunday I did watch the race on a laptop and was really upset because I would have been in that race normally. raspberry
Another Sunday I got home 5 mins after the race started and then one Sunday that I did get home in plenty of time to join, I got an Ocular Migraine 10 mins before the race was to start and I just couldn’t click that join button. I could not even think of trying to race while looking thru a kaleidoscope. That would not have turned out good."

Probably not..! Congrats Gman!

Sandman, as strong as ever

On the iGPS side, we knew already Mitchell got his Pro Licence secured, but not the overall Championship. It's a done thing now, as he finished the season with victories mainly! We hope to see him join our WCS roster at Watkins Glen next weekend in case a grid spot gets available!

iGPS championship in the pocket for Mitchell!

Congrats Champs and see you all on the track soon!


Shawn Purdy
Shawn Purdy On 2014-05-18 00:56:24

Cool ! smile

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