iRacing World Championship Series update

Julien Dill On September 20, 2013
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Where to begin... well, Zandvoort

Our pace was good, qualifying looked good and then... well as the member of a team, what you usually like to see is your temmates do well. What you don't want to see however is to see incidents where one teammate takes another out. Or you. Or you take your friend out. Well whichever way you put it, it's bad! And this is what happened, to us! So now we've processed it and are ready to move on to better galaxies! 

Aleksi was still running but someone wasn't happy about it and decided to take him out! Take him oooouuuuut! It took two attempts but the mission was a success! 

So now our two finns Ilkka and Aleksi were out of the race. Were left Matthias, and Dion. 

No wait, actually Matthias got taken out early as well, when a damaged racecar re-entered the track and left him nowhere to go.

So, only Dion was left! But as the only one left carrying the Orion flag, he went on and showed a great pace to finish just within the top  10! Pretty good at his home track. Let's see what he had to say..

"Think I ended outside of top 20 after lap 1 tho, but car seemed ok ish. Had some contact at t4 and lost quite a bit of time there, but the car didnt feel bad which was most important imo. And seemed like I actually still had pretty good pace. From there it was just pushing and hunting. Had a couple of ppl make mistakes in front of me and every time that happened I happily took that position. Didnt expect a top 10 tho at the end after a start like that but guess pitstops worked out very good for me. And I'll happily take it "

That being done, it was time to head to the virtual Interlagos racetrack. 

Once again the Orion drivers had a strong race preparation and showed promising pace prior to the race. Qualifying went pretty well with Ilkka in 7th, Matt in  12th and Dion in 17th. 
Aleksi however had troubles finding his marks (racing on a laptop away from home didn't help either) and unfortunately that wasn't the end of his troubles this time. He qualified 18th. 

Davy was missing once again due to racing in the Catheram Academy... more on that real soon! 

Race start was pretty good and everyone took it carefully around turn one, where a pileup occurs more often than not! 

The race was great to watch, with battles all over the racetrack. 

At this point in the season though, we were looking more to finish the race in a reasonable position rather than try too hard. 

And it worked great for Ilkka who was releaved to finish the race and to get the points for the 7th place. Solid run there by the finn after a serious streak of lap 1 incidents in the previous races. 

Ilkka, turn 1 anti-hero

For Matthias it was a strange race weekend. Off pace until before qualifying, he magically turned on in that session and never looked back! He then drove a strong race, climbing from 12th to 8th in the course of the race, providing exciting overtakings moves to the audience. 

Matthias, looking good, lookin good!

Dion remained well focused all race long, also making his way up and gaining 4 positions to finish 13th and thus securing ever important points to remain in the top 25.

Dion working on securing his spot to a promising 2014 WCS. Or just enjoying himself

Aleksi was running ok until he got in the heart of battle. He made several mistakes that cost him the race and a place in the top 25. 

Not the end for Aleksi

But we're hoping to see him and Davy make their way up again through the pro series and to compete next season! 

That's all for now! Huge round of applause to Greger Huttu who sealed his 3rd World Championship title in that race an showing his mastery. Also a big thanks to everyone involved in the championship, the racers, the organisation and the broadcast freaks!

With the latest development in the tire model, the future looks brighter now and we're looking forward to what will come next.

As usual you can grab the race broadcasts from GlacierTV right here!

Pictures by Matthias!



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