iRacing WCS update - round 10

Julien Dill On July 20, 2013
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The last three races made us cheer, got us frustrated, but also had us celebrate some good performances and results. 

Virginia International Raceway (VIR)... Obviously that was going to be a tough one. The track is very narrow, and some turns like Oak tree combined with extremely fast, and even faster braking formula 1 cars setup with questionable tires, was a good receipe for disaster. 

And that's without adding the extra hazards of erratic driver's behaviours on track. 

First of all our pace wasn't the best there, which meant average qualifying and dangerous first laps. We had to count on being consistent and staying out of trouble...

That didn't happen for Ilkka, as he got taken out once more in the first lap. That was frustrating as it was not the first time, and by the same driver as before. But there's nothing we can do about it, the officials didn't see a penalty necessary either so we have to move on and keep focusing on ourselves and increase our performance levels. 

Davy had a good race coming to him as he was making his way up the field in great fashion. Unfortunatelly while he managed to keep his car out of the barriers after an off-track at the Oak tree, the driver behind also went off-track and ploughed into his car at speed. That was enough to end his race. Once again nothing we can do about it but to keep focused. He would not be here at Silverstone because of the Catheram Academy so these were crucial points still evading him. 

It went a little better for Dion besides the fact he had to pit early for repairs and eventually also had to get into reverse gear to get out yet another incident at Oak tree! He finished in a reasonable yet slightly disapointing 19th position. There was definitely more to come from him. 

Our best result of the day was brought by Matthias, as he continued to show his good form for this second part of the season, finishing in a good 8th position, having started 19th! Great performance there. 

Next in line was Silverstone. We had good results there last year, with 3 cars in the top 10, and Ilkka in the top 5. But it wasn't to be this time round!

Qualifying in 17th position, Ilkka had to pit early to replace his front wing, making it difficult to regain the positions lost as is it really difficult to overtake on this track. So he finished 20th, just in front of Aleksi who made an appearance but couldn't find his speed with little time behind the wheel. We were left hoping to see Haapala put it together in qualifying and in the race, and have a bit of luck for once! At least no badluck as it has been the case way too much this season! Time for a change. 

Dion had a decent qualifying and a solid race, besides not being able to reproduce his practice pace. He eventually finished 22th, still taking a few vital points for the championship.

For Matt it was a race to quickly forget as he retired quiet early in the race. Not to get worried about it! 

Then the one and only, Spa Francorpchamps...

With continuous work on the setup, we can see improvement and we were looking forward to race day to see where we were in relation to the other drivers! 

QUalifying was a bit strange with not everyone performing as they could. 

Dion started the most back, in 30th position. But he produced a very solid race, could run his true pace and finished 15th, great effort! 

Dion putting together a strong race...

Starting 24th, it was also going to take Matthias tremendous efforts to reach the front. Well, he probably exceeded his own expectations, didn't get caught in incidents, escaped a lag contact without damage after a late braking into Les combes, and stormed to the finish in 10th potition! Phew... 

Critical braking into Les combes for Matt...followed by an unfortunate lag contact

As for Davy, he started 23th, had an awesome beginning of the race and made his way up to 14th position. There was a tough battle with Ilkka in front with a few other cars, slowing things down a bit and making it hard to stay in a good position. But he could show his racecraft there and managed well. Until he saw his race cut short by yet another lag contact, in a straight line. We really wish iRacing would look at this phenomenon, as it is ending way too many races for the drivers in the series in our opinion. Please! 

Another lag contact, another blank result for the frenchman

Ilkka had yet another good qualifying lap, making things look bright from the start. After a cautious start where he lost a few positions, he ran a great pace during the race, regaining the lost positions, making the broadcast exciting! Although he was going to make another pass, he lost time in the pits and lost a position instead. Unable to reproduce his early pace, he could "only" salvage an 8th place finish after some more exciting battles to watch in the broadcast. Encouraging race for sure. 

One encouraging race for Haapala!

We'll finish this iRacing WCS race report with Finn's own words about Spa: "8th place at the finish line was a good result after so many bad races. Don't even remember when I had a trouble free race before this one. Should have done a better job with pitstop and the following laps and the result could have been a bit better, but this will do."

Yes, it will do. 

Also a big thank you to Ilkka, Dion, and Matt for providing great pictures of the action on track. This time it was Matt. Thanks! 

And thanks to Jimm's for supporting Ilkka, much appreciated! 

See you all at Indianapolis! 


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