iRacing WCS update: Round 11 - Indianapolis

Julien Dill On August 14, 2013
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Indianapolis...a legendary name in autoracing. For the road course and formula one though, we also remember that infamous race in 2005 where only a few cars on the field were present due to tire issues. Well, kind of the same happened in the virtual iRacing World Championship Series event this year.
But that was different and for those who didn't show up, it wasn't because of safety but because of preferences. The tire model combined with the track wasn't fun to drive and given the amount of investment this championship asks for, some took it as an opportunity for a break, while talks about the issues and the need to fix them couldn't be extinguished anymore. Some of the most prominent drivers including the past two world champions were not gonna race and it seems that was part of what triggered the changes which are happening right now with the updating of the Williams FW31 virtual rendition about to take place.  

But while all this was happening, some still decided to race, to take their chances, to get racing no matter what. They found ways to tweak the setup so the car wouldn't be nasty to drive, and even though they expressed their concerns, they kept their head down and went for it! 
And from an anticipated fiasco, what we witnessed was actually one of the most exciting race of the season so far!

Indy 2013 start; one to be remembered

Three of our drivers took part in it; Matthias Egger, Dion Vergers and Davy Decorps. Ilkka could not be there while Aleksi was still away from his wheel. 

Let's get straight into the race itself. And the cones. (iRacing released an update introducing movable cones. Only problem is they are replaced each time they get hit and can get stuck under your car. It proved to be quiet a big hazard in the race.)

QUALIFYING: It hasn't been one of our strong point this season and this time was no different. Best qualifyer was Matthias in 12th, then Davy in 14th and Dion 26th. So lots of work ahead in the race. 

As usual though we knew our race pace was better so everything was still possible. Well, what a race! 

Matt and Davy early in the race; "Until now, everything is well..."

RACE: We saw amazing comebacks from the three of them, Matthias driving a superb race and claiming his first podium in the iRacing WCS! What a race and what a result for him and the team! We were really happy about it. 

Matthias, storming to the front

Davy also ran very strong, as he was together with Matthias in the opening lap of the race but kept having issues with the cones (or their abscence and lack of markers) and really struggled to regain the time lost. But he finished in a honorable 7th position with good points for the championship. However he wa going to miss two more races out of five remaining, partly due to the Catheram academy racing. Meaning he's gonna have to get nothing else but excellent results in these three races! 

Dancin' with the cones

Dion also made his moves as usual, drove a strong race as usual, but he got heavily penalized after the turn 1 mess caused by irony. Result: bent front right wheel, costing him about a second per lap in his first stint. Second and first stints were much stronger but it was already too late to hope for a great result. Still, points from the 14th place finish in the bag and spirit on to the next one! 

Dion on the move despite a tough beginning...

...and to the finish!

The GlacierTV broadcast was really nice to watch and we'd like to thank all the participating drivers for making this race one to be remembered for the right reasons. Great stuff guys! 

We'll finish this update with some words from our podium finisher Matthias Egger

Matthias Egger, 3rd place finish

"My race was simply perfect, 0 errors, one of the fastest paces of the race, the car was easy to drive despite the problems of the NTM. I must thank my teammates that helped me so much during this week! This podium is so nice i still can't believe.."

Well, never stop believing! See you at the motegi update!


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