iRacing WCS round 3 & 4

Julien Dill On April 24, 2013
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Round 3: Suzuka

Catch the Glacier TV broadcast there! 

Ilkka "Finn" Haapala in the heart of the battle

Ilkka Haapala Q: 14th, R: 13th
What a tense race! After a decent start, Ilkka often found himself on the verge of overtaking another car, only to find himself under pressure and getting passed and having to do it all over again. That couple with the fact he had a couple of unfortunate incidents with other drivers, it was going to be a race to forget. However he put in a solid performance overall, showed a strong pace and crossed the finish line in 13th position even though he had been sick since the day before, securing important points in view of the championship.

Aleksi rockets off his starting line! 

Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola Q:5th, R: 4th
Nothing less than an astonishing race from our WCS rookie! In practise, the team had a promising pace but you never know, coming race days, how everything is going to unfold, but it all went very good for Aleksi this time. He started by posting a mighty quick qualifying lap earning him the 5th place on the grid. He then had an even better launch and found himself in third position after the first corner. 
"After a couple of laps I did one mistake and then Greger passed me at the chicane. 
After that I was just trying to push as hard as I could and kept my position after the pitstops. Luke had a really long first stint so he was very fast on last 20 laps. The gap was 4 seconds after pitstops and he closed it fast. After all managed to keep him behind and finish one of my best races. And i were really happy to be fourth here after unlucky first two races at the season." Yeah! 

Davy couldn't race there due to a preparation weekend for his real racing season!

Dion on a crowded racetrack

Dion Vergers Q: 27th R: DNF
A race to forget for Dion. Although he made it through qualifying, he didn't see the checkered flag this time. Challenging season so far for the Dutchman who has shown his consistency last year. 

Matthias, assertive

Matthias Egger Q: 21, R: 21
Mama mia!! multi-21 for Matthias! His result might not show it but Matt had a very strong pace all week, and we'll see him shine during the rest of the season for sure!

Round 4: Road America

Catch the broadcast here: 

Bitter sweet race for the team at Road America.

It's proving to be a difficult start of the season for Matt and Dion as this race showed. Matt didn't get through qualifying as he couldn't get a clean lap out of his 2 attempts thus not posting any qualifying time. 

The Dutchman racing at Road America

Dion Vergers Q: 34th, R: DNF
"Bad weekend for me...Didn't feel comfy here coming in and it showed. Bad qualify, never got into a rythm in the race and ended up making stupid mistakes. Ah and at the pitstop I actually had someone driving over the back of my car. Guess that sums it up tbh"

We know things are going to turn around but it's never easy when you're in this kind of chain of events. 

At the same time, the rest of the team showed incredible speed and racecraft, which helped balance the race weekend for the team. 

Davy showing his avoidance skills through a 1st lap mayhem

Davy Decorps Q: 22nd, R: 10th
Davy was dreaming of a top 10, starting from the 22nd position after a so-so qualifying lap. Carefully making his way through a number of incidents he was able to drive his real pace and got into the top 10 by the end of the race. Rock solid! 

Aleksi on the move!

Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola Q: 8th, R: 8th
Eventful race for Aleksi as we could witness on the broadcast. Brillant driving besides some mishaps and a good result at a track he doesn't particulary like!
But beware for the next race at Phillip Island! "... and next time hopefully will be better, at least Philip Island is one of my favourite tracks."  

Ilkka Haapala, singing the broken wing song at Elkhart lake

Ilkka Haapala Q: 18th, R: 15th
Difficult race for the Finn, which maybe started at qualifying: "Went sideways in the Turn 5 entry and lost a ton of time. Should have aborted that lap but for some reason decided to cross the line. On second attempt got a x1 in Turn1, so I was way off the pace I was looking for." 
It went worse at the start when the car in front didn't move much while Ilkka got a great launch. Forced to make a pitstop to replace his front wing, he charged his way back during the race of the race, eventually finishing 0.001s from the 14th place. 

As we've seen since the beginning of the season, the team pace is really good and we're looking forward to more good races and results. 
Once again, thanks to everyone participating and also congratulations to Hugo, Greger and Atze for their performances and for currently occupying the first 3 spots in the championship. 

More to come from the team!  


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