iRacing WCS - Round 3 update + iGPS: deJong qualifies for the Pro Series!

Julien Dill On April 5, 2014
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You're not without knowing that the first three races of the iRacing WCS are in the books already. Here is our side of the story.

As is the case each year, the overall level of the whole field has gotten stronger. At the first race, the 35 qualified drivers were all within a second. That leaves absolutely no margin for error, especially when aiming for a good spot... And which race driver doesn't? There's no question, the drivers have to go for it, yet make sure they make no mistake. It's always a thin line in racing, but in the WCS, it's more like a razor blade. Which is half the fun.

So far for our team this year looks a bit similar to last year, with a strong race pace. Not so much in qualifying. But we're working on that and believe that when we will have this sorted out, things will fall in place nicely in terms of results. Not that there hasn't been any good one, at the contrary.  

Let's take a look at our driver's trajectories so far:

Davy Decorps
After re-qualifying through the Pro Series, Davy was sharp to tackle the beginning of the WCS.
Race 1, Spa: Q 27th, R 14th. Very average qualifying but great race effort there from Davy who could score points right away. So bitter sweet start there...
Race 2 Interlagos: Due to a health issue Davy couldn't participate in the second round. Hopefully he was back for Suzuka and we were grateful for that!
Race 3 Suzuka: Q 25th R DNF. But without practice for a few weeks, it proved a bit difficult to get back to pace right away. Still, Davy's qualifying went a little bit better than at Spa, and with a once again a really good race pace, there were good chances for a solid result. But it wasn't meant to be. The car proved difficult to control in the first few laps and Davy lost the rear and slammed into a wall. Mistakes are usually very costly at Suzuka, which makes it a difficult track, but is also part of its charm.
We're definitely looking forward to him closing the gap with the front runners, starting at Road America!

Ilkka Haapala
Somehow Ilkka always manages to be right on pace within very few laps. But it's gonna take more than that this year again to figure well and Ilkka is putting the extra effort in to make sure that happens. As the trackside operation manager, organizing the team practice sessions, but also as a driver, working closely with the rest of the team to meticulously build the car setup for each race. Let's see how it went so far...
Race 1, Spa: Q 29th, R 14th. For sure, as mentionned before, qualifying is what we need to focus our efforts on and it showed there. Starting 21th wasn't ideal but with his race pace and experience, Ilkka managed to finish within the top 15, wich was pretty good.
Race 2, Interlagos: Q 21th, R 7th. Improving a little his qualifying position from the previous race, a quick race pace, and combined with other racers' troubles on the race track, Ilkka could clinch a 7th place finish this time.
Race 3, Suzuka: Q 19th, R 16th. Even though qualifying still wasn't great at all, it was still an improvement. The race was solid but it was hard to overtake. Without too much happening on the track, a 16th place finish wasn't great considering our race pace, but it's still a good result for now.
So good steady progression there from the Finn; let's see what Road America will bring us.

Matthias Egger
While extremely fast in whatever he drives, Matthias is having a rough WCS season so far with the increased level of the whole field. Actually, it wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't on bad terms with the current state of the iRacing's Formula 1 car, which doesn't fit his driving style at all. But it's only a matter of time before Matthias finds the key points to adapt his driving to the current car. So we're looking forward to that and to have him back in the battle!
Race 1, Spa: Q 34th, R 19th. Limit on the qualifying, Matthias drove a solid race there, showing once again that we had a solid race pace. Pretty good way to start off the season.
Race 2, Interlagos: DNQ. That was a bad combination for Matt, even though he only missed a couple hundredth of a second to make it to the race. Tough one.
Race 3, Suzuka: DNQ. Once again not far off but there's work to be done.

Dion Vergers
Dion seemed really determined in the pre-season and we're getting the confirmation here. The first race was a shocker as he got pushed out of qualifying by a hair, or a couple of hundredth of a second. But he's steadily coming back, his commitments in race preparation and setup work paying off.
Race 1, Spa: DNQ
Race 2, Interlagos: Q 35th, R 23th. Barely making the field, he used that opportunity to score his first points, with a strong race.
Race 3, Suzuka: Q 35th, R 20th. While qualifying was a big disapointment, once again a solid race, and building up the momentum with a slightly better finish.

So overall a bitter sweet start of the season. But the good thing is, we know what we have to work on and we'll do our best to face this challenge! We're definitely looking forward to the next races, starting with Road America!

Also a word about Mitchell deJong, who's been racing in the iGPS with great success. While already qualified for the Pro series -congrats Mitchell!-, it's going to be a tight race to the finish there, as he is currently leading the standings by 25 points. Here are a few words from him: "The IGPS season has been very tough and competitive so far with everyone going for Pro. It has been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to competing in the Road Pro Series at the end of the year." Stay tuned!

As always we hope to have your support, and if you'd like more updates, please check our twitter feed, as well as our Facebook page which we plan on taking more care of!

See you at Road America!


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