iRacing WCS - Heads up before round 8 at VIR!

Julien Dill On June 6, 2013
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As we're about to run the 8th race and the middle point of the season, here's a little recap of the previous iRacing World Championship Series race at Watking Glen.

Keep in mind the Qualifying results on the iRacing site also shows the "Pro" drivers who took part. So they don't necessarily reflect the grid order.  

Matthias Egger Q:27th, R: 13th 

Matt kept the momentum from the previous race and besides an average qualifying effort, he once again showed a strong pace and racecraft in the race, which made for a good result and more important points scored. And it looked good on the broadcast too! (grab it HERE!)

Matthias Egger, in the heart of the battle

Dion Vergers  Q:37th, R: 19th

Dion's pace seemed to keep running away from him on race day for some reason, as he was way off his practice pace. But as the Dutchman says, " On the other hand, it was nice to have a off day and still get some decent pts." 

Dion Vergers; Small form, but still good points

Ilkka Haapala  Q: 8th, R: T1

One to forget for the Finn. Great pace in practice, very good in qualifying, it was going to be a great day. But it all ended in the first corner. Race incident, but truth be told, forcing a three wide situation into the first corner is something we wouldn't want to see happening.  

Alriiiiiiiight! Not.

As we're headed to VIR, and even though we think it is NOT a good mix with a Formula 1 car, we're looking forward to a good race and to get away with maximum points as usual. 

We're also pleased to announce that Davy Decorps will be joining us once again as his real race season schedule will allow him to be here! See you all there and have a good race, or enjoy the broadcast!


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