iRacing WCS 2015: the Orion perspective

Julien Dill On February 27, 2015
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As the start of the iRacing World Championship Series is fast approaching, it's time not only to unveil our 2015 livery and driver lineup, but also to reflect on past season as well as share our vision for this year. Which is shaping up to be, yet again, the most competitive ever.

WCS 2014
We were pretty happy with how we performed over the last few races last season, Ilkka scoring nothing else than a second place not once but twice in the last 3 races, both at Suzuka and at the Circuit of the Americas, besides consistently scoring top 8's most of the season. He improved from 12th in 2013 to 8th overall in 2014.
Mitchell also made a good impression at Watking Glen where he qualified but also at Spa where he produced an amazing race and finished on the podium. On his side Dion had a pretty consistent year but with slightly less success than in the previous season. Matthias' interest with the car faded away quickly and he decided to park it for good, but not before finishing in a good fashion, crossing the finish line just outside the top 10 at COTA.  

Pro Series 2015
We had Mitchell deJong, João Vaz and Davy Decorps (it's not "Decorpse" guys thank you, keep the S in your mouth!) looking to earn their WCS license.
Well did they earn it! As you know Mitchell won every single race but one, where he finished 2nd, giving us the Pro Series title. As you may know he also decided to go with another team for the WCS after that. So we're sad to see him go but wish him good luck!
Davy and João looked pretty good as well, Davy coming in 7th with 8 races and João 4th. So that was pretty good, especially with life conflicting here and there, leaving little amount of time for practice.  

WCS 2015
Here we are! And pretty much pumped up to start our 2015 campaign. Behind the wheels will be Ilkka Haapala, Dion Vergers, João Vaz and Davy Decorps. Actually the first race at Interlagos will mark the 80th WCS race for Ilkka, which is pretty remarkable! Worth mämmi? I don't know. Anyhow we wish to build upon our good form from last season, and we're also glad to have fresh blood coming up with João, and Davy as well!

We're also extremely happy to announce our partnership with HPP SIMULATION, it's such a great feeling to have them onboard! We'll talk about all this very soon.. stay tuned!

It's hard to know where we'll stand as of yet, as everyone is testing pretty hard for the season start but as usual we'll do our best and hope to impress you very much.  That being said, Davy is recovering from eye surgery and will have to miss the first race, while João is recovering form a shoulder injury. But we're confident they'll be 100% again in no time and ready to fly!

So we hope you enjoy our fantastic livery and as always, hope to have your support!



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