iRacing WCGPS update with 3 races to go

Julien Dill On September 13, 2014
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Second half of the season has been pretty prolific for us in terms or speed and results, as well as a shift in focus for some.

Starting witgh Motegi, Dion made a good impression gaining 6 positions in the race ot finish  in 14th place. Davy wasn't so fortunate and for what was his last race so far this season, with important life changes coming into play, didn't get a result to remember. Obviously we're wishing him all the best and to see him soon back to the track!

Okayama say The return on Mitchell to the WCS after his first appearance at Watkins Glen where he qualified 3rd but wasn't allowed to take part in the race.
This time He qualified 7th and drove a brilliant race to finish in 5th place. Pretty good! But the rest of the team wasn't bad either, with Ilkka and Dion producing a solid race, to finish 7th and 17th respectively.

Then was the mythical Spa Francorpchamps.
We qualified a little bit lower there, with Mitchell in 9th, Ilkka in 14th and Dion in 22th position. But the race proved to be very animated with a lot of things happening. See this start for instance

This played in our favor and with an astonishing drive (you can watch Mitchell's onboard HERE), Mitchell gave us our first podium this season finishing 3rd! Ilkka didn't rest at all and managed some great overtakings to finish in 7th, gaining 7 positions. As for Dion his race wasn't so fun and only scored points for 25th.

Mitchell taking the inside of Greger, avoiding mayhem!

Ilkka with some fluid overtakes

Dion's unfortunate Spa dance

And finally the last race at Interlagos. The race looked so promising as Ilkka, Mitchell and Dion were all flying in quali.
But the race proved toughter than expected, with some unfortunate incidents. Starting from 15th, Dion had an eventful race, and lost a position to finish 16th. Not bad overall but still disapointing. As for Mitchell, he started 3rd managing a personal best! He continued on, driving a perfect race besides a different strategy with a heavier car. But being a little bit slower he kept being attacked and eventually got hit as a competitor spun his car on an inside kerb. Race over.
Hopefully Ilkka saved the day, driving a pretty tough race, he helod on to finish in 6th place, having started 7th.

Brazilian start

This never-ending battle sums up Ilkk'as race pretty well.

Dion; amongst the wolves pack

Heavy Mitchell

So overall we're pretty happy, having improved on all fronts. Looking forward to continue this way, even though we'll be missing Mitchell today due to technical problems!

And a few words for the ones who retired from the championship, our teammate Matthias (we'll see him participate in other series though, wherever his heart will be!), Stephen Michaels and the great Hugo Luis.

See you all on the track!


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