iRacing Pro Series Indianapolis - Orion report

administrator On November 27, 2012
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Following another great result in the previous round (Aleksi again winning the race, followed by Davy securing a 3rd place!), Orion drivers' went to Indy with even more expectations, as Orion's Max Dell'Orco joined the race despite not being at home. 
Qualifying in a good position proved to be a tough task as the whole field was extremely close. Despite being disapointed with his lap, Davy Decorps got surprised to start in the 7th position as he thought he would be way down the field. Max was right behind in 8th position while Aleksi (not Ilkka, right! -sorry twitter) was ahead in 5th place.

But the high hopes were short lived. Unlike the previous two races, this one was everything but smooth. Max got turned around even before turn one. Facing the wrong direction and with heavy damage, he was forced to call it a day. 

<span 13px;"="">Arriving in turn one, Davy who was in the inside, with a car on the outside, saw yet another car dive to his inside which didn't really exist... With nowhere to go, he got right up in the air! But miraculously his car remained unscathered. 

Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola had a good start, but his race ended a few turns after that in an unfortunate collision. He went for the inside line but saw the space he had anticipated to be free get crowded while it was too late already for any avoiding manoeuver. After two consecutive wins, it was a disapointing result on a track he particulary appreciates. 

Davy didn't get distracted by the events and charged his way back and finished in 12th position showing a strong focus, and salvaging important points for the championship. 

Davy fighting his way back, and crossing the famous brickyard finish line

As usual the team's race pace was really good so with Aleksi sitting in second position in the championship with 102 points (2 points behind the current leader) and Davy in 5th position with 83 points, the team spirit is high and we're looking forward to the next race at SIlverstone. See you all there on saturday! 


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