iRacing 2014 WCS - Team Presentation

Julien Dill On February 26, 2014
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Here we are. It seems the previous season just ended but the next one is about to start already! And although the break was welcomed, we haven't been inactive as you could see in the news. We have also been working on fresh new car liveries, we hope you will like them!  While some expected partnerships didn't come to fruition, we're as motivated as ever to produce the best possible results in what appears to be, as is now the case each year, the most competitive WCS to date! We're looking forward to build on the experience and momentum from the previous seasons, with fresh new energy to start this one in the best possible way! The drivers have been hard at work for some time already...

About our drivers! For this season, they are Ilkka Haapala of course, supported by the faithful Jimm's Finnish PC store (check it out,, Davy Decorps, just out from the Pro Series (he had to requalify due to missing out some races last year, due to the Caterham Academy), Matthias Egger and Dion Vergers (probably the most capped WCS driver with 67 starts!). Here's a short presentation of each of them. You might also see our newly recruited and also youngest but not least experienced driver, Mitchell DeJong, who is currently going through the iGPS with success. So enjoy the presentation, and on behalf of the team I wish everyone a great season!
Julien Dill, Team Manager

     Driver: Ilkka Haapala
     Number: 12
     Country: Finland
     Year Born: 1984
     WCS participations: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
     Best season finish: 3rd (2010)


"Looking forward to the 2014 season and with so much new talent in the field, the season is shaping up to be exciting. As a team we hope to be competitive throughout the year and finish races consistently. It's also great to have Jimm's PC-Store onboard again and I'm looking to bring their colors closer to the front again. Speaking of colors, I'm very excited about our new livery and hope we can get the car to go as quick as it looks!"

Ilkka Haapala, team driver, trackside operations director

          Driver: Davy Decorps
          Number: 41
          Country: France
          Year Born: 1983
          WCS participations: 2012 (5 races as Pro), 2013 (9 starts)
          Best season finish: 29th (2013)


"With a lot of fast drivers coming, and a F1 car I feel harder to push.... I think this year WCS will be reaaaaally challenging. And that's pretty exciting! But I'll have to work a lot on my driving as this car requires now a pretty different and unnatural style...
I will probably miss some races again, but what I expect for 2014 is to be able to get into top 10 in any race I compete, and finally get a top 25 for the end of the season. And I have the feeling it will be way harder than last year!"

Davy Decorps, team driver

     Driver: Matthias Egger
     Number: 16
     Country: Italy
     Year Born: 1987
     WCS participations: 2011, 2012, 2013
     Best season finish: 8th (2012)


"2014 will be much more difficult! The latest updates have put me in a difficult situation because I have much more difficult to bring the car to the limit and because of this i lost another 5-7 spots on the grid. Will try to improve this situation with the help of my teammates of course. I aim to be conservative and stay out of trouble as much as i can!"

Matthias Egger, team driver

          Driver: Dion Vergers
          Number: 18
          Country: Netherlands
          Year Born: 1978
          WCS participations: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
          Best season finish: 6th (2010)


"2014 season looks to be a tough season with a lot of new fast drivers coming up. Which in turn should make it very challenging. I am looking forward to it tho and hope I can improve on last season and hopefully get some top 10's to go with that. Other then that I'm just looking forward to having fun with my teammates and make the best of it."

Dion Vergers, team driver

And finally here's Mitchell DeJong's 2014 Williams F1 car, that you might see in a broadcast rather sooner than later!

     Driver: Mitchell DeJong
     Number: -
     Country: USA
     Year Born: 1997
     WCS participations: -

Here are a few more pictures to enjoy.

The 4 lots of horses men - 1

- 2 -

- 3 -

Ilkka Haapala and his #12 Jimm's car

Davy Decorps. Sneak pic from a practice session recently

Matthias Egger, shiny and sexy

Dion Vergers. Very present and looking forward to the 2014 challenge!

Mitchell DeJong. Not a WCS driver yet but right on his way...

You can see more in the GALLERY!


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