iRacing 2013 WCS Team Presentation

Julien Dill On February 24, 2013
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We are proud to present our drivers lineup and brand new car liveries for the iRacing 2013 World Championship Grand Prix Series.
While last year has been nothing short of amazing in terms of results, battles and exposure, we approach this season with a renewed focus as well as a couple new talents in the names of Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola and Davy Decorps, who both went through the Pro Series in style. 
So the Orion Race Team drivers for the 2013 iRacing WCS are Ilkka Haapala, Dion Vergers, Matthias Egger, Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola and Davy Decorps. 

Orion Race Team 2013 WCS lineup

As always our goals are to give our best both on and off the track and to represent Orion and our sponsors in the most brightful manner. The team preparation has been going well and we are definitely looking for another strong year. The level of competition will be even higher this year, which will provide exciting battles. We're looking forward to it! We would also like to wish a great season to all the teams and drivers participating in the series this year. Best of luck to you all and let's put on a great show!

We also asked our drivers what were their objectives this year, how they are approaching the season, their preparation... find their answers below which contain some cool news too! 

#11 Ilkka Haapala Orion Race Team / Jimm's car

Ilkka Haapala: "Really looking forward to another action packed season. Last season didn't always go the way I wanted, but I'm looking to improve my performance in 2013. After a very successful partnership last season, I'm very pleased that Jimm's PC-Store got onboard as my sponsor again.
The level of competition in the series keeps getting higher and higher, but as a team, we have a very strong line-up. We will be doing our best to make 2013 an excellent year for Orion Race Team. We're already hard at work preparing for the season opener at Spa."

#8 Matthias Egger and the Orion Race Team 2013 livery

Matthias Egger: "2012 was full of great memories for me! Simply the best season I had: great races, very few mistakes and the 2nd most completed laps of all the field speaks by itself! Because of this I hope to continue 2013 like I finished 2012, difficult for me make better, but obviously I will try! 
We have new drivers that will help Orion Race Team for sure. As for my preparation, I didn’t drive at all from the last race at Suzuka, so I'm working on regaining my rythm now!"

#39 Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola and his new pink car livery and helmet

Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola: "Well we had some new tracks coming wich is always interesting, those will be suitable for the F1 better than some old tracks. New car for the season feels better but I think the clock doesnt like it so much. Well hard to say anything about goals for the season because this is the first one for me, but maybe a couple of checkered flags would be nice."

#22 Dion Verger. The orange man.

Dion Vergers: "Goals: To perform better then last season, which was a total waste for me. And having fun while doing so, unlike last season.
Preperation: Had some nice racing in the HPD in the off season which was good for getting comfy around cars again after all the bad luck of the 2012 DWC. I do think I could have prepared a bit better for the Williams though, but you never know where you really are until that first race.
Other Things: Hoping to see a clean and fun championship mainly, and curious to see how the new guys will perform. Especially the new guys at Orion of course."

#29 Davy Decorps in his first-ever and shiny new WCS livery! 

Davy Decorps: "I always raced iRacing so I could race against the best drivers around. Unfortunately, I never had enough time or the right conditions to get to the WCS. In 2012 I finally had some time to get more seriously involved, therefore I am really happy with the 2012 pro season and with the WCS qualifications!!
While I'll do everything I can to be as high as possible in the WCS championship and prepare as much as possible for each race,  I also have a new project coming for 2013..... a real racing project... So, instead of my main objective, the WCS will become my preparation for that! 
I will miss a few WCS races, so I'll just concentrate on being as prepared as possible each time, with the main objective to get into the Top 25 to secure next year's licence. Now I just hope to get decent results in the virtual... and non virtual racing!"

Team preparation at Spa

We hope you will enjoy the show and to have your support! You can also follow us on Twitter where we give some team news and let you know when the races are on.


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