Uusi-Jaakkola wins at Spa!

administrator On November 12, 2012
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Orion Race Team drivers Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola and Davy Decorps joined the other 28 Pro Licensed drivers to race the classic Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. The 44 lap race saw some close racing action and it was our own Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola who came out on top.

After a good start off the line Aleksi soon took the lead from Yudai Narumi and never looked back. He drove a commanding race building a gap behind him lap after lap. At the end he finished the race just over 8 seconds before Narumi. After the first round, Aleksi is obviously holding the lead in the Pro Series and looking to extend it next weekend at Motegi.

Davy Decorp's start to the race wasn't as good as he found himself in the middle of the action. Strategy going into the race was to finish in a good position and keeping this in mind, Davy had to avoid any risks and ended up losing a couple of spots on the opening lap. Davy's race pace looked very strong, but due to nature of the car, overtaking is extremely difficult. Nevertheless Decorps finished the race in a strong 5th position scoring a lot of valuable points.

Aleksi crossing the line as winner

Driver comments:

Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola (1st):

Quali: I did First lap safe and got .4 lap time i thought is is enough for top 10 but still very nervous becose lot of guys were practising in private before race. 

Second lap was better but got littlebit loose at sector 2 and lost some time in hairpin but i got even lower .4 and p3 at the grid. 

Start was good. i have been worse at start at A class races so this was good. Got pretty good draft from Narumi and Mogar was inside. There was some room i i know that i had to overtake if wanna race against Narumi. 

We both(Mogar) raced hard but we both leave enough room to each others and there was no s2011 Pro mayhem at chicane on lap 1. 

After that Narumi did mistake at eau rouge and i got the lead. Then i just focused hard to my own race and try to keep car on track and do best what i can. At lap 16 narumi was coming close and we where goin to pits closely. Then i was thinking i cant let him pass so i took less fuel to second stint and try to run away, it did work nicely becose Narumi take even more fuel. 

After second stint gap was 11 seconds and i knowed that i will have some traffic after pits but everyone gave room nicely. 

I though that Narumi will drive fast that last stint becose more lighter car so i needed to push even on last stint. Gap was 8 seconds in the end but race was not easy. Had to push hard all race. Thanks Narumi and Mogar for good and fair racing. And Grats to all in points. 
And offcourse thanks to Orion Race Team for great support. 

Nice Broadcast by Glacier TV i was laughing when Will Said "Aleksi.... Oh sorry i mean Aleski" DD 

See you all in Motegi next Saturday.

Davy finding out just how difficult overtaking was

Davy Decorps (5th):

First qual lap, I set a really careful first lap, but still in 46.6 : really happy. So I have a second attempt where I can push, it's getting close to 46.4, but I finally take a 1x off track by 1cm :'( HATE this at Spa.... 

Starting 4... Still quite ok. I want to finish so I decide to be REAAAALY careful. 
Green light, my take off is pretty good! First turn I'm really carefull, take it wide and let Aleksi pass in front. But in next turns, Mogar makes a mistake, I could try to pass but don't want to risk anything.. So I lift to avoid contact... and two cars pass me pretty fast... I must take turns really wide to avoid contact... I'm now 6th at lap 2 

Race is over : I have the race pace to be second I think... but it's just impossible to get close to a car, I'm loosing half a second in the draft. 

Well : happy to finish, that was the main objective, but not so happy with 5th place 

Anyway : GRATS Aleksi!


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