Superb Year Ending!

Julien Dill On December 24, 2012
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Davy Decorps claimed his maiden victory in the Pro series in what was the most exciting race of the season so far, closing the year in a perfect fashion for team Orion. You can check the replay righ THERE.
This is a good way to end the year, as the team has been pushing since the beginning of the series with consecutive victories from Aleksi and constant strong finishes by Davy. In fact Aleksi had a good shot at taking the lead in the previous race, but as you might have spectate, the simracing gods wouldn't let him!
As for Max Dell'Orco, he has had mixed luck so far in the series, and as the season gets closer to its end, it's going to be interesting to see him go for it and make his way to the top 25, meaning a qualification for next year's iRacing Driver's World Championship. There aren't many races left, but he's got the pace for sure.

Here are a few pictures from the last race at Road America, followed by Davy's race report.

Davy's strong start, gaining decisive positions

In what was a tense first lap, Davy held his head cool

Max, getting the hammer down in style

Davy retained the lead after the pitstop...close call!

1 pitstop versus 2. The strategy worked, but the pressure was high in the end

...and to the finnish line! Great race, great victory, perfect year ending for the team!

Here is Davy's report:

Wow what a race....

I really had doubts about the 1 stopper, but thinking how hard it is to pass, I thought it could be really nice to try after all. My Orion teammates did a good job with the truck setup So we had a really decent pace with the fuel load.

But in qual... well lost hope... Did a poor first lap, and spinned in the second one... Was just hoping to get in the top 10 but was surprised to be 4th on the grid! Back in business!!

Had a pretty good start and could jump Richie, then I had to defend against Enzo, and it was really hot at the end of backstretch!

Then I saw the guys in front getting away, but this time it was no bad news! "Great, now I have plenty of clean air just for me!". I just tried to loose the less possible time while being passed by two stoppers, and try to keep the pace up. As I doubted with my one stop strategy, by seeing the guys in front not so far on the roster, I finally thought it could make it! I wasn't aware that Richie also was on a one pit strategy so I was surprised to see him following me in the pits! Was hot!! Juuuuust could pass his car when releasing the limiter.... Sure was close!

Then I just had to push... Pretty simple Only did a mistake that helped Vassili passing me, and lost some time to Richie there... But I kept confident as I knew it was so hard to follow in my draft. Then again I started to doubt seeing the two stoppers closing on Richie, and thought they could pass him and get me as I was struggling more with wheel spin.... But no!!! I just made it!! Sure the second stint was like an eternity.... But in the end so happy with the result!!

Thanks to Team Orion for amazing work on the setups and the preparation for the race! Just hope Max will make it in top 25 as the season is getting to its end and he must be in DWC!!! Just believe Max! And you have to show me what is a damn bread with Porchetta!!

Again amazing work on the broadcast guys, but I have to apologize... I was sure I'll never get to that first spot so didn't configure my Microphone.... Well sorry for the ears

Christmas break is welcome now! Cya guys at the Glen!

Indeed have a good holiday everyone, and see you after the Christmas break!


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