Racing, only racing!

Julien Dill On April 23, 2013
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Davy is going racing and here is what he's got to say about it! 

"Always loved racing, as far as I can remember. But how to race? Back in the days I just could ride my little bicycle and try to be as fast as possible... So when the first simulations came, this quickly became my drug, the only way to race and just race! When I first tried Grand Prix Legends demo, it was a real shock! That was so real... The best way to be racing when you just couldn't afford even the slowest real car in the world.  Sim-racing became a real way of salvation. Since then, I could just take my shot and live my life... 
But something was missing... and that question always going through my mind: is this racing? Is this just another game? For me this was pretty clear, you need the precision, the concentration, the setup method, the sense of racing lines, the strategy... THIS IS RACING! But was I missing something else?
After spending years with that question in the back of my mind, I just had to do something....

This is it, the answer is now waiting behind the garage door.... Soon I'll know what it is.... I hope!"

First pictures of the car...

Exciting news to follow real soon! 



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