Race day, Blancpain GT Series World Championship, and Fulvio officially joins the team!

Julien Dill On April 23, 2016
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Here we are! Race day number one in the iRacing Blancpain GT Series World Championship!

About the Series:
Most races will be 3 hours long, with a 6hrs ones in the mix (so more sprint than endurance). Each race has mandatory driver swaps, so that's a lot of people involved with 40 teams qualified with 2 to 4 drivers each. Obviously it's going to be an important series, not only because of the number of drivers involved (that doesn't mean much) but mostly because of the popularity of the GT3 Series and its competitiveness. We're thrilled to have been through the qualifying and to be able to be a part of it today!

This wouldn't have been possible without the participation of Fulvio Barozzini and we're glad to be able to call him a teammate today! He is now officially part of the team, for life (he doesn't know that yet though, it was in the fine prints). Welcome Fulvio!
He is an experienced simracer and former iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series podium finisher. That doesn't come by chance and so he's very dedicated in building setups and preparing for the races, which is very much welcomed.

A few words from the Italian, in English!
     "It's a real pleasure to be part of Orion Race Team. Being officialized as a team member less than 24 hours before the first race of iRacing Blancpain GT World Championship, man, gives an extra adrenaline boost!
Indeed I hope to give my contribution as a driver, tester, and everything else that is needed. I am looking forward to having a good time with the team and let it achieve the results I think it deserves.
To help us being better and better we have the wonderful support from HPP simulation and Joel Real Timing. Huge thanks to them! I also want to mention my fellow Italian guy Matthias for bringing me into this GT adventure, despite my preference for open-wheelers (who knows, maybe I'll be back in F1 in the future...) and of course Julien for giving me the opportunity to drive for the team, at first as an "external" help, now as a full-time member.
I wish for great racing, and a successful season for us!"

He will be competing alongside Matthias Egger, a long time orioneer and an experienced simracer as well, who also happened to have competed in the iWCGPS before.

Here's a few words from him:
"I am very happy to be able to race again in such a wonderful championship with the type of cars that I prefer the most! It was very difficult to choose the Audi but Fulvio and I where very similar in laptimes and in the way we setup the car, so we went for that! The Orion Race Team is my family in simracing and we hope to be able to deliver good performance and have fun pushing the Audi to the limit. Thanks to HPP and Joel Real Timing for the support!"

They will be driving along James Allard, who is also very experienced and got us out of very tight spots in the qualifying series, being able to maintain pace without getting incs (hello SPa!). We wouldn't be there without him either!

We believe we have a strong team, and looking forward to a fun season and wish everyone a good one as well!

Races will be broadcast by the exciting RaceSpotTV crew, and the schedule is as follow (but subject to change):

Round #1: 23 April 2016 | Track: Monza | Duration: 3 hours
Round #2: 21 May 2016 | Track: Silverstone | Duration: 3 hours
Round #3: 16 July 2016 | Track: Spa Francorchamps | Duration: 6 hours
Round #4: 13 AUgust 2016 | Track: Brands Hatch | Duration: 3 hours
Round #5: 1 October 2016 | Track: Nurburgring | Duration: 3 hours

Also, meet with Miss Orion-Audi! Hope you like the paint as much as we like its V10!

As always, we thank you for your support, and thank both HPP Simulation and JRT for theirs, as well as purdy designs!

You can follow us on our Facebook page here if you wish for more frequent updates, as well as our twitter! We post frequent season updates and race recaps there! 

Good luck to everyone involved!



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