Orion's iRacing World Championship Series round 1 & 2

Julien Dill On March 19, 2013
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Before the season start, it was difficult to say where the team was standing in terms of speed compared to everyone else in the series. Pre-season testing went well, and the Orion race drivers were anxious to get to the starting line and to get racing. 

As it turned out, most of Orion's drivers pace was good considering that many of the other drivers do practice a lot for the first race as there is more time for preparation. 

Round 1: Spa-Francorchamps

This gave an extremely competitive grid and without getting an excellent lap, Dion didn't make it to the starting line for the first time ever in his DWC history. Talk about competitiveness. As it appeared though many drivers got too excited and caused incidents.   

Ilkka lost his front wing at the start and had to pit, rejoining at the back, making for a long a difficult race. But he didn't give up and eventually brought his Jimm's car in 18th position, scoring his first points.

Ilkka, coming back among the living! 

After an average qualifying, Matthias found himself battling in a ferocious pack of cars which provided exciting moments on the broadcast. However his race got cut short after he got ran into while slowing down to avoid an incident in front of him.  His only drop week (there's only one this year!) have now been used.  

Matthias giving his best

For Davy the race got decided at qualifying where he couldn't match his own pace. However, starting in 17th position, he managed to climb up to 11th and claim his first points of the season. He wasn't totally happy as he acknowledged a mistake that cost Andre Boettcher his race. 

Aleksi, Davy, Matt. And a race start stunt in the back.

And now to Aleksi...  While also qualifying at a relatively average 14th position, everything was left to do. In addition, he also got contact on lap one and was forced to pit for repairs and effectively start his race.. at the 26th position.   "Well propably best race so far in my life. After Lap 1..."

Indeed.. driving "like an animal" he showed fabulous talent while salvaging a 12th position. 

Overall the pace was great but average ualifying coupled with race incidents prevented the team to truly show its colors for the season opener. So how did it go in round 2? 

Round 2: Interlagos

Let's start with Matt and Davy. After an average qualifying (18th and 20th - the whole field of 36 cars was within 1.002 second), Matt got loose on the S exit and spun, collecting Davy in the process. They both had a promising race pace so we're looking forward to witnessing their good form in the next races! Oh by the way, Davy will not be present at Suzuka due to real life commitment... get ready to hear more about that real soon! 

"The Interlagos incident"

On his anniversary day, Ilkka managed a decent qualifying lap, while keeping it on the safe side as well. Starting 14th, he drove a simply brilliant race, finishing in a well deserved 7th position. More points in the bank! 

Ilkka Haapala, Interlagos

Aleksi managed a good qualifying lap, starting in 6th position. Unfortunately he suffered damage from a contact early in the race while fighting for position, and got taken out in the following lap. He didn't give up however and finished the race in 24th position. 

Aleksi, racin'

Dion both managed to qualify (29th) and to finish the race, scoring the 14 points of the 16th place. Solid race for him. 

Dion, on to a solid result

Overall we'd like to congratulate the podium finishers in both race and everyone for providing exciting battles and races. While our pace seems to be good, the team clearly needs some "boring races" as Aleksi puts it. While that's probably a lot to ask, we're however looking for strong point finishes in the coming races. 

On to Suzuka!



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