Orion partners with Joel Real Timing

Julien Dill On April 23, 2016
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We're delighted to announce a new partnership for the team, with the best iRacing live timing/everything-you-need-for-your-race application there is! From live track map with an awesome tool for knowing where you'll get on track after your pitstop, to a complete adjustable dashboard, Delta graphics, virtual button box and so much more... together with the fact that the project is always evolving and Joel is super responsive with his customers and partners, yes we are very happy to have such a partner.

It's going to be so useful to have all these infos available at a glance in all the series we compete in, from the incoming Blancpain GT Series World Championship to the iWCGPS and the various championships we take part in (indluding the HPP GT Series!). Less work to calculate everything and more focus on track action! That's just what we want!

Here's some history about JRT, as well as some interesting infos and some glimpse of the future, from Joel:

The birth of JRT:

At the beginning I just had a SLI-Pro, which allowed me to have some basic infos.
Then the software SimSli from Lars Bargmann allowed us to configure the SLI-Pro as we liked, and to create scripts to manipulate iRacing data.
So I created a rather comprehansive script which could display the true, real time gaps as well as fuel consumption.

And when team racing arrived, and looking at the live timing from the NEO Endurance league, I thought it would be nice to have the same but locally. I had tried, reading the posts from Iracing's David Tucker about the SDK but I wasn't getting anywhere.

Then, beginning of 2015, iRDDU2 came out and allowed to display the data on a tablet or a secondary display. It was pretty complex but I managed to create my first live timing app, with gaps, and positions in real time just like I was dreaming about! But it was taking a lot of computer ressources to run, so I felt the need for a specific application instead.
While going through the iRacing forum, I found a SDK for Python, allowing me to recreate what I had managed to do with iRDDU.

Since then, there's a constant flow of ideas and proposals, and my TODO list is getting longer week after week.

One feature I'd like to add is the replay managment for spectators; clicking on an event and a driver, the replay would load directly to the selected event. Events can be pitstops, overtakes, driver swaps, yellow flags as well as laptimes for each driver.
I'd also like to add the possibility to create custom events by clicking a button, thus allowing a driver to go back to this event after the race.

The project development is far from over; I think it will be perpetually evolving

Pretty cool heh. Great to see some passionate people, and we're happy to have Joel as a partner to our racing future! Look forward to see this logo on our cars!

You can have a look at the app page here: http://www.joel-real-timing.com/index_en.html, and there's also an iRacing thread right there http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3315973.page


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