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Julien Dill On February 12, 2013
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2013 is already being an exciting year both for Orion and for Simracing. But before to get to that, let's have a quick look over 2012 shall we! 

In the iRacing World Championship Series (WCS) Dion Vergers, Ilkka Haapala, Matthias Egger and Roland Ehnström competed in what appeared to be the most competitive year so far with the arrival of many new talents However the guys did great as you may have witnessed on the broadcasts or various articles. Ilkka, Dion and Matthias all recovered from a previous season marked by great highlights but also many unavoidable incidents. 2012 has been much more consistent, as Matthias showed with the 2nd amount of laps completed and a 8th place overall.
We hope you had a good look at the broadcasts as well, since it might have been the last time we saw Roland compete at this level, as he announced. We were both amazed by his performance, finishing 4th overall and sad to see him step away. But what an incredible year! 

2012 also saw the one and only David Sirois continuing to clinch championships like he knows how to do! In iRacing where he was crowned champion in the ISRA-GTC series, running the HPD, as well as a 2nd place and a 1st place in the STC series run by the ISRA (which has been discontinued, by the way). 
He also claimed a 2nd and a 1st place championship finish in Quebec Racing series, running respectively the Corvette C6 and the Indycar.

Meanwhile, Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola and Davy Decorps ran the Pro Series and qualified for the 2013 WCS ! In a good fashion too, Aleksi taking the first two races, and Davy also scoring an epic win at Road America. Max Dell'Orco however didn't make the cut for 2 points and also decided to change environment and join Ajira Racing. We wish him all the best there. 

Jaroslav Honzik has been racing in a Czech/Slovak WTCC and Sports car championship in rfactor, while Kenneth O'Keefe has been dominating in iRacing's Skip Barber series, loving the car so much!

About 2013 now!

First of all we will be focusing a lot on the iRacing WCS starting in march. With Ilkka, Davy, Matthias, Dion and Aleksi, the season is gonna be thrilling! More on that soon...

We have also heard of some anormal activity going on in Davy's garage...as well as in Kenneth's... Stay tuned for any information that may filter!
By the way Chris Sommerfeld has also been spotted, doing some laps on iRacing at night... does this have anything to do with upcoming iR features such as driver switch and such? Or some interesting upcoming GT series? We will see!

Still at Quebec Racing, David is organizing the  "Wild Road Racing" series this year. Running the Impala B with an innovative "random yellow" system which makes the series even more exciting. Check it out! He is also racing in rFactor in a series organized by Jacques Villeneuve!

As a team, we also wish to participate in some special events so look forward to seeing the Orion names here and there! 

We also have a few special things coming up... so stay tuned! 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need some help, if you want to help, or just for a chat!  
You can find us on IRC (we changed channel!): #OrionRaceTeam @quakenet



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