Orion Race Team 2009/2010

Admin istrator On January 9, 2010
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We always strive for the best, do our best, and hope for the best. And sometimes, you get the best, too. And once again, Orion had its best year to date. 

 Judge for yourself: Win at major events such as the 24h du Mans AND the Simdy 500, fantastic iRacing seasons, several championships wins, new partnerships with awesome companies (SimBoot, Sim-Sport and Buttkicker, along with our long time friends Sim-Gear), new fantastic drivers, the creation of the Orion Racing School...and it's all been really fun! Hard work for sure, but what a pleasure.

We'd like to thank everyone involved for all of this: our racing drivers, our sponsors, and the fantastic community talents we've been interacting with, both on and off the track.

 To make a long story short, here is the Orion Race Team 2009 story as well as our objectives for '10.


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