Iracing WCS update: round 5 & 6

Julien Dill On May 25, 2013
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So far the 2013 iRacing WCS has been a crazy mix for our drivers: good efforts, luck, bad luck, disapointments, very strong performances, rivalries... all of the best ingredients of racing. No victories yet. Patience...

We have also seen Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola and Davy Decorps appear and disapear from the championship this season, for various reasons. We're proud and happy to have witnessed such a great first-ever real race weekend from Davy in the Catheram Academy, who is actually going to compete for the second round this weekend! More on that soon but as a result we won't be seing the frenchman at Watkins Glen either. As for Aleksi, we can only hope to see him get back behind the wheel as soon as possible. We miss him a lot!

In the meantime, Ilkka, Matthias and Dion have been doing awesome teamwork, and actually made a very strong impression at Sebring.

So with all that in mind, let's recap the last two races and see where we are before the next round, shall we?

Round 5: Phillip Island

Phillip Island has traditionnally been one of our strong races so we went there with an extra bit of confidence. Or did we?

Aleksi's funky Phillip Island start

Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola - Q: 4th , R: PITWALL
That's right. It all started in a kind of funky way for Aleksi. First of all he was heavily sick and didn't think he was going to be able to make the start. But he did. It was close, had an off-track to the grass, and came back on track right in front of Davy, which made for a hot, hot moment for Davy's brake discs. But as blood-thirsty as ever, as hot as fever, Aleksi quickly made the positions back and actually had a good shot at a potential podium before the pitstops. Before the pitstops. That's where it went wrong for him, missing his braking point he ended up in the wall while pitting-in. Tough one but once again Aleksi showed what he is made of, with such a strong pace and spirit.

Matthias Egger: DNQ
Another tough one for Matt who showed a good pace prior to the event. Maybe that was the time too much though, as he is coming back strong as we know him!

Dion in the heart of the battle, before his engine let go...

Dion Vergers - Q: 24th , R: 29th
And yet another unlucky race for the orange man. While he was doing good in the race and making up positions, his engine simply randomly blew up! Very costy bug from iRacing in such a tight championship.

Davy Decorps, aka Iron Man..! At least it looked like it at PI!

Davy Decorps – Q: 14th , R: 7th
Strong strong race from Davy. After an eventful start and nearly hittin Aleksi, he went on a charge and made his way up in very close battles, defending well and making it to the finish in 7th position!

Good awareness from Ilkka, to remember the positives

Ilkka Haapala - Q: 19th , R: 18th
It went from a disapointing qualification session, to a strong race, to a sad finish for the finn. Making his way up to 11th where he was set to finish and which would have been a good result all considered, it all went wrong when he got dive bombed 2 corners away from the finish line. With his usual good racecraft he adjusted his line and avoided the collision. As a good sportsman, he didn't expect for the car behind to once again force his way past in the last corner though. A few barrel rolls later and back on his wheels Ilkka managed to rally the finish line in 18th position.
It is sad to see the unwritten rules of racing being ignored that way, but we will keep our heads down and keep racing the way we always do!

Round 6: Sebring

Great team result there, and special mention to Matthias who actually got his season back on track!

Matthias.. as himself!

Matthias Egger – Q: 22, R: 10
With a very average qualification it was going to be a tough race. But after an outstanding drive and a really strong pace, Matthias got his firt good result of the season and finished just inside the top 10! As we could see on the broadcast, it was a really close race though, and a close ending as well! Now we want to see more of that..!

Ilkka Haapala, racing.  

Ilkka Haapala – Q: 10, R: 8
Ilkka might also have unlocked some of his super powers, and qualified his Orion/Jimm's car inside the top 10! The whole race was a battle with both the track and everyone around. We have seen some great racing and can only wish that the late off-track from the finn didn't take place.
“why are you screaming like this?” ... ohwell! In fact it was great to get such an exciting race.

Dion, makin' his move! 

Dion Vergers – Q: 25, R: 22
Very clean drive from Dion, the only driver without any incident point at all this round. But it wasn't without putting a fight! Check out the broadcast and you will see what this is about. Some much needed points for Dion who had an unlucky season so far. Things are turning around...


As usual, you can catch the Glacier TV broadcasts HERE 

Currently Ilkka sits 6th in the Championship, followed by Aleksi in 15th, Davy 17th , Dion 31th and Matthias 32th . (check the standings HERE  )

So we're really looking forward to Watkins Glen and to harvest some much needed points! Thanks everyone, everyone who supports us, everyone who doesn't, Glacier TV for the great quality broadcasts, Jimm's PC store for supporting our sexiest driver so far (and mämmi lover), and to all the drivers involved for making this season exciting!



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