Gearing up for iRacing's Drivers World Championship

Admin istrator On January 17, 2010
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Here we are, only four weeks before the start of first ever iRacing World Drivers Championship (idwc).

The never ending Pro series (25 weeks straight) has taken its toll on most of the competing drivers. Motivation has dramatically fallen down as the season unfolded, due mainly to the very, very heavy schedule.

But now the Orion crew is starting to gear up for what is probably going to be the most important championship this year, and will undoubtedly be a stepping stone in the history of sim-racing. While the last weeks of the Pro series are still going to be decisive, it is now time to gather strength and prepare for another long, long series. The top 50 drivers from the Pro series will be racing each other in 18 races, which will be spread over 39 weeks, with only 2 drop weeks.  

But few questions remain: iRacing still didn't confirm which car the road racers will be competing with, nor did release any tracks schedule. Will the points system remain as it is? We hope to see this answered shortly.

Update: Did iRacing hear us? The schedule has been announced, and the Dallara will be the car run. 

On our side, we will do our best as always, to push the Orion colours to the front and share stories both from the track and from the pits all season long be it on this site, on our twitter or posting videos on our youtube channel. As always, we hope to have your support!


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