First impressions: HPP Simulation PRX-SE by Davy Decorps

Julien Dill On February 20, 2016
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This is a first impressions report on the HPP PRX-SE by Davy Decorps, the french GPL master, Caterham Academy driver, a long time iRacing iWCGPS competitor who recently also trained for, qualified and attended the GT Academy in Abu Dhabi. This is a true first impression test with no previous training. Enjoy! 

"Holy shit!" That's the first thing that came to mind opening the box. This thing is impressive... Obviously the low end or average pedal sets don't look too solid but this one is sturdier than my Caterham's!

The fun part came when I tried to push the brake pedal by hand and it wouldn't budge at all! My home-made wooden cockpit was gonna break apart at the first braking! So after I added a lot of reinforcements, I could finally bolt the whole thing down and get to testing. I push the brakes... Wow, a real brake, simple as that! And then I hear a big cracking sound... more reinforcements are gonna be needed!!! hahaha

So after some more DIY on my installation I can tackle the pedals settings. I can change anything very easily: it's really well thought out and you can quickly adjust height, tilt, pedals travel, or even the resistance or progressivity of the brakes. I start off with a very stiff brake, corresponding to the one of a racecar with a big master cylinder.
As you can see in the video, I have about 1cm of clearance with the brake pedal. It wasn't easy with 5cm on my old pedal set with pots but now with the pressure sensitive hydrolic system, I'm actually much more precise.

And this is where the HPP's stand out! Forget you're in a simulator.. this is exactly like a real racecar! Whereas you don't see the brake moving much in the video I can still modulate my braking with extreme precision! And while I downshift with double declutching to honor the Lotus ancestor! I blip while maintaining total control of the braking, and the minute lockups are taken care of by almost imperceptibly releasing pressure, while before I would have had to release more and lose braking power...
After a minute behind the wheel, I'm transported in a lotus 49, it's really mind blowing! After an hour... I can't heavy brake anymore: I'm tired! I wanted realism with the way I setup the pedal... I got well served! Physical shape is gonna be a factor believe me.

That's it for my first hands-on (well.. feet) impressions with the HPP simulation PRX-SE pedals, and I have to say I'm speechless; there's no getting used to it period as it's just as in my race car!
I'll see you soon for other more in-depth articles, as I believe I've just scratched the surface and I'm gonna have to get more seat time and dig into it some more to discover all the possibilities and uncover the whole potential of these sparkling HPP's.

Davy Decorps

In the meantime you can have a look at Davy's Caterham blog entries from his races here:

We'll leave you with a little quali lap at Charade! Thanks to HPP Simulation (you can visit them at for the support and see you on track!




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