Dell'Orco, Sommerfeld, Purdy and more!

Admin istrator On November 30, 1999
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A lot has happened since our last website update, including some major wins by Team Orion drivers. Max Dell'Orco took the 120 Minutes of Sebring by storm by winning the race over fellow countryman Dario Frattini. With an impressive win by close to a minute, Max had the following to say about his race;

"My Team Radio unfortunally didn’t assist me much on my second pit stop. In fact I finished the race with almost 30 liters of fuel too much, but my gap was good enough to luckily not worry about it. Happy also for Dario Frattini that did a good race finishing 2nd. The race, the car, and the track was really awesome. I really enjoyed racing for 2 hours there and I'm glad to race for this Team"!

Chris Sommerfeld has also been hard at work with rFactor and the MIRL Championship and despite a difficult start to the first half of the MIRL's season 12. An early last place finish, and a DNS put him down in the standings. In the second half of the season, Sommerfeld was able to claw his way back with 3 consecutive podiums, and later put a string of 3 straight wins to cap the season off. In the closing Road Course round at Long Beach, Sommerfeld was able to hold onto the lead after damaging his suspension and clinched both the Road Course and Overall championships. Sommerfeld went on to claim the Oval Championship in the final race at Indy.

Ilkka Haapala dominated most of the races he contended. In 9 race starts, he took a season high 6 poles and 5 victories. Despite missing the majority of the season, he still finished 9th overall, and 5th in the Road Course standings. With just 24 combined starts, the Orion Race Team was able to finish 3rd in the Team Championship, winning 9 of the 15 races they contended.

Team Orion drivers have also been posting some impressive results in iRacing's first ever iDWC. Shawn Purdy is right now leading the way for the Orion's with 2 top 5 (one 2nd place finish) finishes in 3 races. Shawn had some bad luck in one of the races that would put him higher in the standings than where he currently sits (5th overall) but it is still a very long season! Ilkka Haapala has also been putting in some impressive showings but missed the first race of the season, and got taken out in T1 of the third race. Still, Ilkka has managed one top 5 and two top 10's, and sits 13th overall with only two races. Other drivers David Sirois and Dion Vergers have also posted impressive top 10 finishes this season as all 4 active Orion drivers sit inside the top 15.

And last but certainly not least, Orion gets stronger, faster, and younger with the addition of Jeffrey Rietveld. Awesome Jeff has only been racing for about 3 years, and is already one of the fastest drivers in the iRacing sim currently. Jeff posted an impressive 2nd overall at iRacing's first ever 2.4hrs of Daytona. Most impressive, is that Jeff is only 14 yrs old. Look for Jeff's setups and replays, and watch for more results from Jeff when the Pro Series starts, as he is aiming to do well in iRacing's second Pro Series Season.


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