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Julien Dill On May 5, 2013
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After months of preparation, with a lot of unknowns but also anxious to get things started, Davy Decorps finaly hit the real race track last weekend!
We're proud to share what he has to say after that first experience,  and hope you will enjoy the story! 

"I've waited so long for this moment.... And this is it, got the car on the trailer behind, no more money on my bank account... heading for the first round of the French Caterham Academy Championship!

"Damn!! Why is this guy just following me so close!! I just hate that!! Wait I know that car!? Yes it's my race car!!!!!"

It was hard to sleep in the last days... Will I be just able to race this around a track just like if it was on iRacing!? What if I crash it? Well... never-mind... we'll see!

On the Saturday, just have to get the car ready to go, and the driver ready for some practice on track.

Ready to go!

"Oh god what have I done..... What Am I doing here......"

A couple of seconds later... Helmet, hans system, gloves, six point seat belt are on and I'm leaving pitlane (in fact that was couple of MINUTES later hehe).... First corners.... Wow I just feel what the car is doing! Some slide out of the corner... Just release the steering and that's all. Gorgeous!!
Gorgeous.... but hey you need to be fast here!!! Well yeah but that's already the end of the first session... Oh my!

Ok, second session, I need to push!! But now it's time to discover something new. I know I have to brake there... but my foot will only brake like 20 meters before that point!! What!? In fact it seems that mister banker is just controlling my right foot!!!
After three free practice sessions, it was clear my strongest opponent will be... that damn right foot I can't control!!! 
It is so hard to push the car... I know what to do but just can't. And it's already Qualifying..... I'm not ready!!!!

Lap after lap, I try to fight that strange sensation. The times are better and better and I'm gaining that little bit of confidence, but that's still not enough. I'm just over one second off pace and will start in the middle of the pack. Not so bad for my first real race driving experience, but still, I know there is that damn margin just waiting for me to push more and more!! And I still can't!

And now..... The start of race 1.... Lights are red... going off one by one... What have I done !?

First-ever real racing starting grid.. pretty packed!

Green green green!!!! Oh my god don't crash my car!!!!! Ok door is opened I won't fight... Ok please I let you pass!! What the hell am I doing!?!? Last week in my iRacing F1 car I gained 10 positions off the start at Road America and now this.... Can't believe this... Time to fight!!


Car after car I could gained positions back, lap after lap... Just no idea where I am on the standings.... I just repeat what I did in qualifying, that's not a time to try to push more and crash... Car feels good lap after lap and I try to keep my concentration. Annnnd.... checkered flag! 

Checkered flag!

Into pitlane, cars are going left, marshall give me instructions to get to the right... What have I done !?
What? Okay I come... Huh nice cap you got here! What? Ok I climb the stairs....

And first podium!

What??? I'm 3rd! Nice surprise after such a messy start.... I'm really happy but still... I'd love to battle with the guys in front, but just can't catch them racing on such a defensive manner...

Race two was just the same story... except I knew what it meant when the marshall told my to go right smile Second podium... second 3rd place!!! And a new red cap :D

Phew.... Weekend is over and I need some rest.... Not so tired by the race itself but more by the constant tension, the fear to do it wrong... After all, I'm quite happy with the result, but at the same time I hate not to have really pushed that car around the track. I just hope the margin will reduce from race to race, and that I will gain back full control on my possessed right foot!!

Thanks for the support of coveryourcar.co.uk, they do perfect car covers!! And thanks to racing-data.com for the chronometer and data-acquisition box, neat stuff!!
And thanks to Orion team as well, as they tolerate all my whinning :D

See you next round, 25/26 of May!!"

Well we don't really have any whining to tolerate, and we're extremely happy about what appears to be a perfect first race weekend experience for Davy, doing good and gaining the experience needed.

You can also check out his onboard from both races there! Race 1 | Race 2

Now we're both happy and sad to tell you that he won't be able to participate to the next two iRacing WCS events, due to real life commitment and his second real life racing weekend!  There will be more to come from that! 



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