Davy's blog - Black Ice: Final round at Magny-Cours

Davy Decorps On October 25, 2013
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After a good round at Albi, getting a confirmation about the form of my trusty ride (a well as of its rider) and a victory at Charade, I was eager to discover this magnificent Magny-Cours F1 circuit! 

It's a pity my main rival from the previous rounds decided to go and race in the upper category! As for myself and my limited amateur funds, I'll stay where I am! Let's rock this! 

On the friday, 3 free practise sessions are planned; an opportunity to enjoy a large track where you can truly attack without fearing small mishaps. I build up the speed progressively, and the car is still behaving prefectly! On the horizon though is qualifying the next day together with a rainy forecast... 

Alone on the wet...

After a rather troublesome night, it's time for qualifying! The track is greasy but drying... I feel like this might get funny...or not! Indeed the track is kinda slippery, especially on the spots where nice "oil and water" cocktail can be enjoyed! It's time to stay focused and to remember where those spots are located precisely...
During the second part of qualifying the track is almost completely dry and I can push even more: pure joy! Clean laps are hard to get but I'm rather happy with my best lap even though I know I let 5 tenths or so escape me. 
Back to the paddock, the results: I'm 7th and 9th... overall! Yes! And on the pole in my category for both the sunday races!

Qualy: On the limit...

In order to get the motivation up, we go and watch a few heads get detached from their bodies by guard rails at the local cinema. Not a bad movie that Rush! The weather forecast indicates rain for the whole night... It was a good idea to watch this movie, I'm all pumped up now... We'll try an not put too much fuel in the car alright! 

Sunday, race day. 8am, we can't see 50 meters away, 3 degrees celcius... what a nice area! The race is delayed and will start... whenever we will see anything out there. The track is damp and the endurance guys spend 6 hours laying down rubber on it the day before...yummy! 

Race 1:
After a couple of hours waiting we finally get going for the formation lap. I get out of the pits, get to 2nd gear...HOLY S**T!!! It's not that it's slippery... it's MEGA SLIPPERY!!!! Even in 3rd gear I can't get the little power this car's got, down. I arrive at the Adelaide hairpin... phew still on the track! 
And just as I was getting a bit relaxed, at 10kph, the rear violently slips away...OHMAAN what is THIS?!! I let go off the wheel, do I don't even know what and get the car back in line... phew...this start is gonna be something...

200m down the road I see the poor Eric lose the rear of the car at once in the straight line and crash into the wall...Aie... he's alright but the Catheram that bounced back onto the track is destroyed... I remind Nikki Lauda asking for the race to be cancelled yesterday raspberry

Once the car got toed away, and the tires had time to completely cool down, red lights are on... and off! Pedal to the metal!!! Well we're on eggs but the car gets off like a bullet! I follow Cyril and we're already 1-2. I let go a bit to let the upper category cars get by safely. I turn in 4th position after the first corner and I put my focus on having a good race overall. I fly past the slippery patches... what a thrill! I love it! The slick tires of the Roadsports in front are getting warmed up and I end up alone for the rest of the race. 

Race 1 start:  Close to holeshot!

I finish 4th overall, and 1st in my category, Academy. Yes! For a lonely race, it was a blast! Conditions were awful but with a sane car it's still awesome! 

Race 1 Podium

Race 1 onboard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hpo8jwNjc4o

Race 2:
The sun is back and the track dried up well. That's going to be something else! As the lights go down I royally fail to get the car off the line properly. Hopefully I have a safety mat behind me with the upper class cars behind me but it's time to push! 
At the Adelaide braking zone, I see the 2nd in class arriving with a huge speed and together with the rather safe braking of the cars in front, he gets past them all... Things are getting tougher! 

Race 2 lap 1: stuck in traffic

And then begins the Initial D x Days of Thunder episode... (Davy: the DSK story got lost in translation...he got replaced by Cole Trickle! ) 
The first is in front, protected by a bunch of other category cars... I HAVE to get past them but AAARGHHH impossible to do so with these damn tires!!! 
I may be better on the brakes, I have to let go slighty and then I can't get close anymore! I'm baffled... the wrestle is tough and finally I get to close on him. But he's got good engine power and even though I'm faster overall, he systematically gets off on the straights. I would just need to turn once in front to get a gap... 

Putting some pressure...

I try an intimidating move just before the last slow  chicane an I see him get wide on the kerb: I try to get as muich speed as possible to try and cross the trajectory after his off. But I get surprised by his car slowing down landing from the kerb jump, no time to react, contact between the cars... an here we go for another lap! Damn I wouldn't have mind avoiding an impact... but the race ain't over! I get back at him but I have to let go a couple of Roadsports and lose a couple of second... I get a little phased out but I still try and go for the gaps... and in the LAST lap I finally manage to turn in front and to protect myself from any retaliation. YES!!! 
That was tight... but I finish in front... what a battle! 

Finally gettting past!

And that's it, the championship is already over and I get out of the car with a huge smile on my face! That's what matters right? All the while I get told the guy I beat in the lat 3 out  of 4 races won his race for his first participation in the top category...
I got to get 2nd place in Catheram Academy Championship. 

That's a large ...podium.

Race 2 onboard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSBGTe9t8XA



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