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Davy Decorps On June 13, 2013
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2nd round at Alès: Some good, some not so good! 

Alreay the second round and there's a lot of work ahead! After a test session on the same track about a month ago, the result was clear: I can't push the car.. therefore I'm slow! 

A month later, I'm reassured right away; I feel I can attack a bit! Times are instantly 2 seconds faster, then 3! At last, it's getting better! 

I still don't know what to do with the tire pressures to get the car to behave as I like, so I just put up with it. Qualifying goes without troubles as I get 3rd for both races. There are still 2 spots to be gained, but the good news is the gap to the front is getting smaller, and once the car and the driver will be sharper, I hope to close that gap even more in the next rounds! 

Feeling more comfortable attacking...

3rd at the start... that's the good part. Now for the difficult bit...Even though I'm now able to attack properly in qualifying, it's not the same story in the race! 

3rd on the grid...but everything still to be done!

Lights go off, and I get going, but once again I'm more focused on not damaging the car than anything else. I don't close the doors (more precisely...I open them), and cars get by instantly. Problem is, at Alès, it's hard to overtake. So not willing to take extra risks to overtake a slower driver in front, all you gain is to be overtaken yourself... and another... I'm tumbling down. Tough to keep a good speed when in the pack like this but thanks to an incident at the front, and an overtaking in the last lap I manage to grab the 3rd spot! Unfortunately the officials made some mistake and deprive me from the podium. Sorry for the sponsors! Tough weekend so far. 

To risk it or not to risk it...

"I'm coming back!" 

The second race is kind of similar to the first one... I get overtaken, and some of the drivers have no problem to be blocking all the way to keep their position. SO without wanting to take high risks, the positions are frozen. And I have to say this driver is getting upset about this kind of behaviour. 
Finally, I'm starting to hear some metallic rattle at high RPM... and decide to stop 
immediatly not to damage the engine. It appears it's only some broken protection, I get going again, but a lap down, in the middle of the pack and with lopsided mirrors... great... I decide to stop not to diustrupt the race, as this won't change the result anyway. Well that's what I thought, because finally instead of taking the points fo rthe last place, I get 0. It's a hard blow to my championship. 

"Racing, only racing..."

I leave Alès with a true-false (false-true?) podium and a DNF that costs me 2 spots in the championship. THere's a huge frustration from not being able to attack during the race, so this is going to be a big point to work on! There's less and less rounds left so it's time to wake up now!  

Media time! 

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Thanks to my sponsors!


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