Back to the track! iRacing WCS resumes today, as Mitchell goes to New York...

Julien Dill On July 19, 2014
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Summer break is over! Back to the track, back to the wheel! It's been an up and down season so far for our drivers, although the races have been great so far from a spectator point of view. The championship is very tight and it's going to be an exciting challenge to stay in the top 25 for some, and try and improve on their standings for others such as Ilkka, who could realistically be way up there.
So as the iRacing championship resumes, here's Dion, Ilkka, Matthias and Davy reflecting on their first half of the season.

Dion Vergers:

Even tho I did DNQ for the 1st race, it does feel like a pretty decent season for me so far. I've been able to score decent points consistently and managed to get myself back in the top 25, and I'm hoping I can gain a few more spots. That said it will be tough to do so with the competition this season. A lot of fast guys and nobody is willing to just hand me the points it seems, hehe

Matthias Egger:

The season has been very disappointing for me so far, I had the pace in only 2 races and in both ended in a crash. My qual pace is just bad and seems like every build is becoming worse! Obviously i will try my best to improve, but is a bit difficult at the moment!

Ilkka Haapala:

Season's been a bit disappointing so far for me, considering last season ended quite well, pace-wise. Been struggling to find the qualifying pace which makes the races pretty tough. The few DNFs aren't helping, but hopefully things turn around for the second half of the season. I know we'll try our best!

Davy Decorps:

After a 2013 season where I missed a lot of races, but could have some pace, it was really disappointing to see that with a bit more training than last year I am now just able to qualify for races. Probably a mix of not enough training, and a F1 car physics I just can't believe is right. But I'm not enjoying this as much as before to be honest. I just hope some changes in the physics as well as in the time I can spare into iRacing training will help to find the enjoyment back!

So yeah in short it's a bittersweet season so far, some disapointing results but also some good work being done, which helped to understand the car and the changes it goes through with the updates a bit better and a consistent solid race pace, apart from a couple of tracks. We're definitely not far off better results so we'll keep pushing and do everything we can to make things turn our way.

In other news, Mitchell is going to New York this weekend, as he'll be racing in the GRC lites once again. We're hoping to see him keep up with the dominant performances he's showed since the season started!

You can find the infos on the event here and catch it on TV if you're in the US.

And to conclude it's also worth noting that both João and Mitchell will be racing in the coming iRacing Pro Series, so that should be another bunch of exciting races!

We wish you a great racing weekend! As always you can catch us on Twitter @orionraceteam and on facebook occasionally!



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