2015 Pro Series; this is the end...

Julien Dill On January 26, 2016
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Spoiler alert! If you want to watch the RaceSpot broadcast of this excellent race before reading on, it's right HERE!

So it has come to end... and what end! For his first race sporting the Orion colors, Riley won the first Nürburgring Pro race, and had his maiden win in the series! And it wasn't straight forward at all... here is the story.

Pretty good qualifying overall, with João leading the charge

Qualfying was alright, João being 5th on the grid, Davy 6th, and Riley in 8th place.  

The start of the race was pretty straight forward, except for Davy who spun his tires a little and lost a couple of spots.
On his side Riley could make a few spots and slot right behind João for the first part of the race.

First lap, Riley making his way to tuck behind João

João getting closer to the front...

... followed closely by Riley

As the pistops came, João was among the first to pit, together with Davy. Meanwhile, Riley kept going, as he took a little more fuel starting a little further back. It turned out to be a good decision, as he could make up positions after the first round of pitstop was complete.

João, first to the box!

Then well... he kinda turned into beast mode. With a relatively short second stint, he could get close to the front and ultimately make the pass for the lead, and create a gap, only a little bit hindered lapping a car or two.

Riley boxing, while the leader kept going...

Riley making it stick on the outside of turn 1

Then on the inside for the lead!

Comes the last pitstop. While João and Davy could maintain their positions, Riley lost the lead, and started chasing Dinkel for it a second time. Knowing the importance of pulling a quick pass, with Dinkel leaving a gap in turn one, Riley went for it repeating his earlier move. In his assertive style, he made it stick while Dinkel cleverly opted not to close the door. Riley could drive away pretty quickly,  lapping in the 1.31's consistently.

Davy kept his head down, unphazed by the incidents around...

...while Riley made his second pass for the lead to the inside of turn 1

Behind him, Dinkel unfortunately lost connection though, awarding João with a well deserved podium finish for one of the toughtest race of the season driving wise. Davy crossed the line in 7th, having maintained a solid pace throughout the race.

Maiden victory in the Series for Riley!

After a difficult start of the season, the boys kept their head down and finished on the highest note, with everyone qualifying for the World Championship too. Final standings have João in 5th, Riley 6th and Davy in 9th position, which is a great performance considering the pressure he had on the shoulders for the last few races, and moving up more than 15 positions. Never give up!

And a podium finish for João

Congratulations to Graham Carroll for the championship, a solid performance! Good job to everyone who made the cut as well, looking forward to racing with you again soon.
Also cheers to racespot for doing a great job and to iRacing for giving us the opportunity to shine!

Finally a big thanks to our partner HPP Simulation, for the confidence and support.

We're looking forward to keep the momentum going and have a big start in the 2016 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new MP4-30 livery... *soon*

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