Orion has be fortunate enough to build great relationships with various different companies over the years, helping promote products and services some of which people use today on a regular basis. Although we love what we do and most of us never really needed sponsorships in the years past. Sim Racing is growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Sponsorships have become a part of sim-racing, and the people in the spot light running in the highest levels of sim-racing competition are reaping the benefits of this growing market.

Orion is always looking for new and interesting relationships with other companies, to help continue to grow the sport we love. The great thing about sim-racing is it has a large range of demo-graph so even something you might not think would belong on a sim-racing racecar can actually do very well in this community. We are also very interested in building buzz around the product(s) we endorse, and we believe in the product(s) we endorse.

If you feel your company can benefit from a business arrangement with Orion Race Team, send us an email we'd love to talk to you, and come up with some idea's to help promote your product or services to the sim-community.

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Race and Qualifying setups I used during the iDWCR


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