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If you thought you might find a signup sheet or something simple like that. Nope Sorry! Joining one of the most successful teams in sim-racing over the last 5 years isn't something we do often. It's important to us as a team that we can work together in a cohesive manner. It's one of the ways our drivers have been able to push the limits and find new potential they may or may not have known they had. If you think for a second that joining Orion will get you some secret trip to alien stardom than look elsewhere. Because all of our drivers are hard working. Some have built they're capabilities/skills over years of practice, and others are still finding unique skills sets as they meld into the sim-racing community.

Most importantly is commitment to the success of the team, whether that is performance on the race track or new and interesting ideas/ methods or sponsorships. We are a determined and dedicated bunch of sim-racers. If you feel you can fit in this environment, and have had success in sim-racing It is likely we will be emailing you, but if you feel we missed you or that you haven't be active in recent times, then send us an email or get on our irc we'd love to chat with you.

We are always looking for fresh new talent that's making a mark on the sim-racing world. There is always new young and hungry sim-racers looking to make that extra leap to success, and we're always looking for those drivers that are motivated and committed to success, but most importantly are friendly and can work with other people that are just as committed and motivated.

The easist way to be considered is to be active in our irc talk to the people you will be working side by side with. This is a fun environment and we have very knowledgeable people here at Orion. Whether you're just looking for some advice we'd be glad to help out. Make no mistake we are looking for top caliber drivers that are capable of competing at the highest levels of sim-racing competition, but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for you at Orion. Different drivers bring different skills to the table, and we're always interested in expanding our knowledge base.

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