Chat With Orion

We just moved channel! It is now  #OrionRaceTeam

You can join our chat room through your browser by clicking here

Or if you prefer, or if you'd like to be able to keep the channel open while racing (without your browser taking ressources), please follow the instructions below:

For those who ain't familiar with it, IRC is a chat platform, in which you can hang out and talk with others. It's helpful for a couple of reasons. You can join it using a small application that takes very few computer ressources to run. So it's no problem to leave it open if you choose to during a race.

It is neat because you can walk away from the PC for a while, come back and catch up on everything people were chatting about because it's all on the screen.

1 : Download and install an IRC client

2 : Check the Options

Example with mIRC:

In the "connect" tab, you can enter your name or nick.

In the "servers" tab, make sure you have selected "Quakenet" as Network and "Quakenet: random server" as server option.

After that you will get to this screen

It's #OrionRaceTeam now! 

3 : Joining the Orion channel

Simply type in "OrionRaceTeam" just like you see there, and you're in. That's it.

Your settings should be saved for the next time you launch the application. Then you will only have to type in "orionracing" to join again or you can check the options to automatically join channels and so on. See you there !

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