Mission Statement


With over 7 years of racing experience, helping fellow sim-racers and the sim-racing community is our primary goal. We also help to promote only products that have industry proven reliability. Many of our sponsors products have been tested in extreme conditions and we have raced, and continue to race the products that they build. Giving, showing, and asking for respect in return are among our highest priorities.

About Us


The Orion Race Team is a group of simulation drivers, who enjoy racing together, racing clean, and racing hard. We have all met through various racing leagues, and become true friends racing together. All of our drivers share the same ideas about what sim-racing is and should become, even though we come from very different backgrounds. The Orion Race Team has members who are old veterans, as well as drivers new to the e-sport. That being said, none of us claim to be elite or aliens. Just good drivers that enjoy helping others along the way. We always give 100% into any race we enter in a league or special event race, and always race hard but clean for the win.

Our Sponsors


Our sponsors, HPP Simulation (awesome Pedals Sets makers), Purdy Designs (of Shawn Purdy, one of our all star -for now retired- driver, who takes care of our website), as well as Jimm's (good source for hardware in the Finland) for Ilkka Haapala , support us and our racing, and the we also do the best we possibly can to help promote them. We fully stand behind the products we endorse, and feel that they make genuine quality sim-racing products that will last even the most die-hard sim-racer for years.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us via our forum or irc. We will be more than glad to help!

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Recent Setups




Race and Qualifying setups I used during the iDWCR


A Host of setups made during the 2010 Drivers Worl


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