HPP Simulation partnership

As you know, HPP Simulation makes some of the best simulation pedals you can find today (If you don't, we urge you to check their website  as well as the various reviews you will find online). Designed and crafted with passion in California, these state of the art pedals are not only...

Julien Dill On March 15, 2015

iRacing WCS 2015: the Orion perspective

As the start of the iRacing World Championship Series is fast approaching, it's time not only to unveil our 2015 livery and driver lineup, but also to reflect on past season as well as share our vision for this year. Which is shaping up to be, yet again, the most competitive ever.

WCS 2014 Julien Dill On February 27, 2015

iRacing WCGPS update with 3 races to go

Second half of the season has been pretty prolific for us in terms or speed and results, as well as a shift in focus for some.

Starting witgh Motegi, Dion made a good impression gaining 6 positions in the race ot finish  in 14th place. Davy wasn't so fortunate and for what was his last race...

Julien Dill On September 13, 2014

Back to the track! iRacing WCS resumes today, as Mitchell goes to New York...

Summer break is over! Back to the track, back to the wheel! It's been an up and down season so far for our drivers, although the races have been great so far from a spectator point of view. The championship is very tight and it's going to be an exciting challenge to stay in the top 25 for...

Julien Dill On July 19, 2014

iRacing iGPS and World Sports Car Series champs!

That's right, we clinched both championships this season!

Sandman's Season recap: iRacing World Sports Car Series
It all came together nicely for the Riley DP master George Sandman, who became the 2014 season 1 champion. He made it look easy but let's not get fooled here; it was a true...

Julien Dill On May 5, 2014


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